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A lot of people find canvas artwork attractive because it gives the chance to view art in its original form. In addition to having an excellent aesthetic appeal, it also gives it an authenticity. When you have one of the absolute best canvas printing companies, you’re able to turn any kind of image, drawing, painting, or photograph into a pleasing artwork displace that’s very similar to the original painting.

In order to get these benefits, you need to select a quality canvas print company that has talented designers who combine well-built and durable materials with high-resolution print abilities to give you quality printed products.

With many hundreds of the canvas printing companies on the market today, it’s not easy at all to find the best places to get your prints done. How do we sort out the quality companies from the shady and low-quality ones?

To help you out, we’ve reviewed 6 six of the very best canvas companies on the marketplace today. You can’t go wrong with any of these! Take a look at the reviews below to find the best canvas company for you:

1.Editor’s Pick: CanvasPop

If you compile a list of all the things you need for a quality product, CanvasPop will come out at the very top for each category. They not only utilize the highest-quality materials for a quality final product, they are very passionate about their work which ensures they make the highest-quality prints possible.

When you run down the list of things that are important for getting a high-quality product, CanvasPop came out on top in every category. Not only do they use the highest quality materials available, they are passionate about art which means they strive to create stunning art prints with each image.

CanvasPop prides itself on not only making quality canvas image prints, but creating amazing art!

When you order with CanvasPop, you’re assigned a personal creative designer that works alongside you during the entire creative process. They’ll give you quality recommendations on how best to make your image/product stand out and look its absolute best.

They’ll add the necessary adjustments to your image brightness, contrast, and saturation. This includes removing red-eyes to perfect your image. They’ll also be available to you via phone, email, and chat so you’re able to work with them anytime you like to get the best final design possible.

If you want to get the absolute best design possible and work with a top-notch team that really cares about what they do, you can’t go wrong with CanvasPop!

2.Best Budget Choice: CanvasDiscounts

CanvasDiscount proves firsthand that discounted services don’t have to be of lesser quality. This amazing service advertises themselves as the “lowest prices on the web”, giving 110% guaranteed discounts to all its customers. With canvas prices dipping to $5/piece, you’ll have a hard time finding better bargains anywhere else.

CanvasDiscount has incredibly low prices that don’t “cheap out” on the quality of your ordered products. Their prints are excellent, featuring strong canvas textures that help the visual element of your pieces stand out even more. The site gives you diverse size options based on your JPEG file’s size, and this reduces any chance of an unpleasant and unsightly final product.

CanvasDiscount makes it clear via presentation that their staff cares a lot about their product quality. The canvases are each stretched out individual and neatly prepared and delivered. The inks are made without any chemical solvents, which makes it a very safe choice for those with allergy issues (or small children).

CanvasDiscount does not have a huge audience yet, though it has a lot of goods to give new buyers. If you want more than just a regular canvas, the service offers less traditional PVC forex, acrylic, and metal prints. Blankets mugs, pillows, and jigsaw puzzles are also available! North American clients can also count on fast production and quick delivery times within a few days of placing the order.

3.Best Award-Winning Canvas Printing Technology: CanvasChamp

CanvasChamp comes with an “A”-level accreditation from the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and also provides customers with affordable pricing plans that feature price matching, as well as satisfaction guarantee that is given to customers to resolve issues with orders that don’t meet requirements.

CanvasChamp provides “Cheap Canvas Prints”, that are a result of many prints being shipped all the way to India to provide clients wholesale pricing.

In addition, they have to tow customer-friendly guarantees for their clients. If you are able to find a better price for your published canvas print, they are able to match the said price and extend a 10 percent discount on the order.

You’re also able to get a full refund and order replacements for any orders that feature print, design, or material errors. These two guarantees have helped Canvas to retain their client base over the years.

4.Best Gift-Focused Provider: Canvas on Demand

Founded in 2003, the Raleigh NC-based Canvas on Demand was purchased by the CafĂ© Press company in 2010. Canvas on Demand was then merged with CafĂ© Press’ other brand lines, all of which are focused on personalized gift products.

Canvas on Demand gives you two separate printing options: PhotoRealistic makes photos even more vivid than their original ones, while the PixelPainting gives off the illusion that the resulting image was made via an actual artist’s paintbrush.

You’re also able to choose how you’d like your canvas gallery packed (either stretched on a wood frame, or framed up completely). You can choose between .75” or 1.5” for any gallery-wrapped prints you order (please note that the thicker options will increase your final cost by twenty to thirty dollars).

You can select between black, white, and color-wrap sides, and can also have the image wrapped around the canvas’ edges.

You can also retouch your photos as needed. For example, if you notice contrast problems or red eye, you can have these fixed. The cost will range between a free complementary add-on to $100, all depending on how much work needs to be done. You’re also able to replace photo backgrounds if necessary, for another fee.

The company will also offer you PhotoSplits, which allow you to take one single image and split it over three canvases. You’re able to click the link to see product sample, and though you can split an image yourself, it’s far better to have a professional do it. This particular product gets you an additional thickness of 2.5” (the company calls this option “chunk).

5.Best Choice for Large Business Sector Clients: Elephant Stock

The name alone hints at this company’s gigantic stock image selection. ElephantStock is awesome at producing one-of-a-kind unique canvases. With a very large business clientele that ranges from office spaces to hotel rooms, they are always giving their clients professional and consistent results.

The people that are behind-the-scenes can help you with every single step of your order, which ensures an excellent final product that you’ll feel great about. A representative went out of the way to reach out to us and help us with a problem we had in the past.

ElephantStock’s images have high-resolution Giclee printing processes utilizing poly-cotton blend material. The photographs used in the process are laid across fine-crafted pine wood frames made in the United States. The scratch-resistant, UV-proof, and waterproof laminates then work alongside each other to protect the images. To put it simply, when you purchase a product from ElephantStock you can guarantee it will be a high-quality product that will look fantastic for years to come.

6.The Highest-Quality Canvas Art Products: iCanvas

iCanvas is very simple to use: just upload images to your account, then wait twenty-four hours and you’ll get your edited complete proofs back! When you approve them, you’ll get your final canvas product in no more than fifteen business days. This is a seamless process for most products, but there are a few caveats you should consider before making your first purchase.

First off, the image has to be a particular size for them to print your product. They prefer to work with images that are half of the size of the canvas, which means that if you plan to use a large canvas like a 12×12, you need an image that measures at least 6×6.

For those that want high-resolution printed products, your image has to be at least 500KB. This gives you a large enough sized resolution for iCanvas to work with. Lower resolutions will risk sharpness and clarify of your finalized product.

iCanvas doesn’t always give you the best canvas printing service in comparison to options like CanvasPop (especially if you want to duplicate images with smaller, lower resolution images). However, if you have a high-resolution image, you’ll get an excellent canvas product for a great price. There are lots of options, ranging from different styles and subjects to the type of canvas you want the image printed on.

Our Final Thoughts

We like canvas print products because we want to have the absolute best moments in life preserved for posterity. With that being said, you don’t want to compromise quality, as this will undermine how and if these memories last.

When browsing your canvas company options, make sure you do your own research. Check out reviews from customers online and look at their Better Business Bureau rating. The customer reviews will give you a lot of information on the service you can expect and if the customers would use them again.

The six companies we detailed about will all be great options to turn your photos and memories – both old and new – into timeless art and memories.

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