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Founded in 2003, Raleigh NC company Canvas on Demand was purchased by the company Café Press in 2010. They were then merge with the rest of the Cafe Press brands, which are used on gift products sold around the world.

Canvas has many different types of canvas products, which include framed canvas prints, premium prints, multi-panel photo-split prints, wall displays, tabletop wraps, and flat table-top prints.

Their product line includes framed prints, poster prints, and metal prints. 

Canvas on Demand’s Background

For almost 20 years, Canvas on Demand has built a reputation as one of the premier canvas-printing organizations in the world.

Canvas on Demand has attracted customers by having high-quality tools for ordering and creating canvases. They also have top-of-the-line customer service, and affordable prices that don’t drive away those looking for affordable canvas products.

Canvas on Demand’s motto has been “Make Sweet Memories” for years. This shows their intent to provide prints as easily as possible. This way you’re able to spend time taking pictures and making memories, rather than wasting time worrying about your print products.

Canvas on Demand’s Service

Canvas on Demand is available 24/7 via their website, and you can order anything off the site anytime you like.

If you have any questions or issues, Canvas on Demand’s customer service is available 9am to 6pm EST M-F, and 12pm to 4pm EST on the weekends.

Contact customer service via their 24/7 contact page form with any additional questions!

The Return Policy of Canvas on Demand

The return policy of Canvas on Demand is a bit confusing. Their returns page states that if someone isn’t totally satisfied with their canvas product, they’ll work with you rectify the issue. In terms of damage during shipping, they say they’ll replace it immediately for free (and give a 1-year guarantee for all their products). They could be clearer as to what “working with you” to rectify issues actually entails.

Free Shipping from Canvas on Demand

I couldn’t find promotional codes, discounts, or coupon for any free shipping from Canvas on Demand. The shipping for the canvas I bought cost $19.49, which is definitely not free.

After doing a search for “Canvas on Demand Free Shipping,” I was unable to find any discount codes, promo codes, or coupons for free shipping. In fact, shipping for my canvas was $19.49, so far from free.

Reviews for Canvas on Demand

Canvas’s website is very pleasing to the eye and easy to use, but it was weird how you’re unable to see previews of final products. Once I chose my options, it immediately went to the checkout screen.

I looked in the FAQ area and noticed an option to look at a “soft-proof”, but this required me to download a color profile directly into my Adobe Photoshop software. Most people won’t have this software, so this is not a user-friendly option at all.

With Canvas’s 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can contact them if your order isn’t exactly what you wanted, however any products purchased with Groupons are not refundable. It’s also very unclear from their FAQ if the material will be reprinted instead of refunded. We’ll update you with more info if we find out more details on this.

Since they joined with Café Press, Canvas on Demand has expanded their business beyond just canvas products. They now offer additional products including pillows, yard signs, and prints of fine art.

We had a photo from our vacation that was framed by them, and the fun bubbles across this frame made the memory even better.

I was so impressed by this canvas when it arrived. I’ve purchased cheap canvases in the past, and though I do like the look of them, I’m afraid of them coming apart as time goes on.

I never worry about that with this particular canvas, as it’s made of quality material. Its hangar is tightly affixed, which is important when you have a house with 5 kids that like to pull on things!

Canvas on Demand is always surprising you with their options. In additional to just printing canvas products from your picture, there are also ready-to-order canvas products as well.

I added one of these to my cart – I just had to! It’ll be a great birthday present for our artistic daughter.

They also sell adult coloring books, which are a lot of fun and a great gift idea. They give many choices ranging from Biblical verses to detailed designed scenes to animal signs. Once your recipient completes their artwork, you can display it inside your home!

You’re also able to purchase coloring wallpaper for the highest-level creatives in your home!

Canvas on Demand: Final Thoughts

Canvas on Demand is highly recommended, largely due to its incredible value for the price. Their online site is quick and user-friendly, and all of the canvas products I’ve purchased have shipped within a few days. I’ve purchased such products from many companies before discovering Canvas on Demand, and CoD’s products are by far the best!

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