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Bowflex is known way before treadmills were invented, and it was recognized because it was one of the first developers of fitness. The company originated its journey with Bowflex 2000X, which was a trainer for strength, and it was the most revolutionary product on the market. Additionally, it was offering low-impact tension resistance, and it was definitely innovative. After the first success, Bowflex has continued to create and design exceptional machines, all-in-one home gyms, treadmills, elliptical cross trainers, and treadmill-elliptical hybrids.


All these products that we are talking about have something in common, and that is exercising with minimal effort while achieving quick, outstanding results. These advantages are related: The reduced effort makes the remarkable results of the Bowflex machines possible. Additionally, they let people exercise longer without the necessity for increased rehabilitation time.

There are three series from Bowflex, which are especially useful for treadmill lovers: Bowflex TreadClimbers, Bowflex Mac Trainers, and Bowflex Results Treadmills.


Bowflex TreadClimbers are incline trainers for walking, they are easy to use, and they are a combination of treadmills and ellipticals. With this machine, you only need to walk, and you will get amazing results. TreadClimbers are using the natural way of burning the calories while walking on a flat surface or more perpendicular slope. When you are walking on a steeper slope, you can burn more calories, up to 2.5 times the usual burning rate while walking on a flat surface. These machines are frequently used by people who want to lose weight or tone the lower body. Moreover, it is identified as a low impact cardio exercise.

It is interesting to know how one machine like this works. The TreadClimber has a single 20″ wide tread belt, there are “treadles” or pedals that use moving belts, and they support low-impact walking. The creators of this machine wanted to reduce the pressure on the knees and ankles, and that’s why they can tilt by up to 40 percent. When you increase the angle, you will burn more calories.

The models of TreadClimbers for 2018 are the TC100 and TC200. The TC200 is more expensive, but it has some advantages when compared with the TC100. It has a greater limit of weight, it has an interactive display screen where you can track speed, time, distance, and calories burned while monitoring your personal fitness goals; TC100 only has a manual mode. Moreover, TC200 can reach a slightly higher speed than TC100, it also has wireless heart rate monitoring rather than grip sensors only, and additional benefits. With both TC100 and TC200, you can perform powerful workouts in a much faster time than usual.


Bowflex Max Trainers are very attractive to runners. These trainers provide cardio exercise, similar to the TreadClimber, but the workout can be achieved with less risk because of the elliptical-inspired motion. You can run exactly as if running in nature, yet it will not injure your joints. With several quick workouts per week, you can get impressive results when it comes to weight loss, cardiovascular strength, and total body toning.

There are 3 models for 2018, and they are M3, M6, and M8. All three have different price, from lowest to highest respectively. The dimensions and weight are equal for all three models. With the more expensive models, you will get more options for resistance, more workout programs, and Bluetooth connectivity for data sharing.

Bowflex Results treadmills are manufactured in 2018 for home-usage. The difference between this treadmill and TreadClimber is that it supports both walking and running. These cardio machines have moderate commercial quality. Additionally, they have a folding frame to save storage space. The two famous models are BXT116 and BXT216. I can undoubtedly notice that the team who worked on these designs worked carefully to make a great, long-lasting design. There are many advantages that I like from low-maintenance workout belts to Bluetooth-enabled consoles that measure the burned calories. Although Bowflex Results treadmills are not long enough on the market, I believe that they will become the leaders.


  • Powerful, but yet with low impact. The workouts with these fitness machines are comfortable, but also adaptable and customizable to your needs. TreadClimbers are the best option for low-impact walking and the Max Trainers for running. With both these options, you can achieve effective workouts, but working out on a treadmill is more powerful. Bowflex Result treadmills have better quality, high quality cushioning, a possibility to change the intensity, incline, and resistance of your workout with the touch of a button.
  • Upper body workouts are much more comfortable and efficient with Max trainers when compared with the elliptical trainers. The company claims that they are more effective at burning calories up to 80% compared with their competitors.
  • Each of the beforementioned fitness machines can support multiple user profiles. The more expensive trainers can support up to four users.
  • You get additional comfort. There are cup holders, tablet holders, USB charging ports, and much more.
  • They are compact and storage-friendly because they are designed for home-usage. Both TreadClimbers and Max Trainers are full-body fitness machines and take less space than any treadmill. The advantage of the Bowflex Results treadmills is that they have foldable frames.
  • You get a six-week money-back guarantee for all of the above-mentioned machines. You also get a warranty which is different for every type. Some warranties are excellent others are not so good however, it all depends on the model and the price you will pay.


  • Although you get some comfort with Bowflex fitness machines, some of their opponents may include more amenities like cooling fans, touchscreens, and other unique innovations that will attract more consumers.
  • The warranties for TreadClimbers and Max Trainers are one to three years. For this price range, I believe that you should get a little longer warranty, but then again, they are unique and not like any other fitness machine. About the warranty for Bowflex Result treadmills, I do not have any criticisms because they are above the average.
  • Their prices are costly. Only Bowflex Results treadmills have a fair price, TreadClimbers and Max Trainers are overpriced compared with average home treadmill value.


Bowflex is a successful and prominent US company. It is known for producing long-lasting fitness equipment that is efficient and has low-risk of hurting yourself while doing the workout. If you are planning to buy a home treadmill or treadmill alternative that will suit your budget, I encourage you to begin with Bowflex because they have great options.

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