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If you are looking for the best fitness brand that offers amazing exercise equipment? If yes, then Bosu is a great option for you. Bosu is a fitness brand that offers and sells fitness equipment. The main focus of Bosu is to offer equipment that is designed for operative balance exercises. The lineup of Bosu consists of weighted medicine balls, stability balance trainers, and balance balls. The Bosu balls are adorable products for those fitness enthusiasts who are looking for additional challenges in their workouts.

By using the balls manufactured by the Bosu brand, you can easily improve core strength and balance. The exercises performed by using Bosu balls can also be done by using other fitness equipment together like dumbbells. It is an effective way that helps to increase the difficulty level of traditional workouts.

If you are a newcomer to seasoned pro to the world of health and fitness, using Bosu balls in routine work is wonderful to work safely on the balance. It adds more intensity to your standard exercises and yoga routine. We have come here to offers you the best shopping guide. The guide will tell you about the amazing features of Bosu balls.

Key features

The products of Bosu are designed for all ability levels as well as for individuals of all ages. The “Bos’s Balance Trainer” usually combines the balance board and stability balls in a single tool. This tool offers an amazing variety of exercises for both expert and novice.

Some amazing key factors that should keep in mind while purchasing the innovative product to a home gym.

Top consideration for Bosu ball Balance Trainer

a) Balance:

One of the benefits that offer by the Bosu ball balance trainer is its strong balance. The strong balance will help an individual to gain the complete awareness of the body, prevent injury, allows to catch yourself while falling, strengthens joint stability, and improves overall coordination of the body.

According to AHA (American Heart Association, balance training serve as the essential exercise type which helps the user in daily movements and activities. As we know that climbing stairs lifting, walking require proprioception. Poor balance lead to fatigue, injury, and bad posture. So, it is necessary to improve your balance, Improving the body balance will help to perform all kind of daily routine movements from carrying your groceries to walking with your dog.

b) Core strength

The core strength of an individual is very important. It is an essential part of daily balance and movements. The core strength involves many muscles not only 6-pack abs.

As strong core aid individuals to maintain their proper posture and stay straight even when fatigued. To perform crunches, you need to strengthen core muscles. The Bosu trainer is an excellent tool that increases the overall difficulty level of the workouts. All of the exercises range from push-ups to squats that can easily be performed by an individual with the Bosu ball.

c) Skill level

Before starting any routine-based exercise, it is important to know about the skill level. While starting your exercises with Bosu trainer, never try challenging exercises first. If you are the person who is inactive or physically weak, then you should speak to your physician before doing any vigorous workouts.

When you are beginners, then you should first perform simple and easy movements on Bosu Balance Trainer. Never go and try to lift dumbbells while you are standing on an unstable surface. First, you will need to do exercises and movements on their exercise equipment, then try to move toward difficulty as a balance trainer.

Types of Bosu Balls

Bosu’s comes up with three types of equipment. The name of Bosu’s equipment is; fitness balls, stability balls and balance platforms

a) Fitness ball

The product line of Bosu’s consists of weighted handled balls that can easily be used or strengthening workouts.

b) Stability balls

Bosu’s ballast balls are also known as weighted stability balls. These balls are available in small as well as standard sizes ranges from 40-65 cm in diameter. It can be used by both children and adults.

c) Balance platform

The product line of Bosu’s includes a Balance trainer. It is available in the half-dome design. The balance trainer is suitable for various ability levels. It offers you to perform a variety of workouts.

Features: Bosu ball Balance Trainer review

Some of the top features of the Bosu ball Balance Trainer are:

a) DVD

Many products in the product line of Bosu’s comes up with instructional DVDs and download options for exercise ideas and added guidance.

b) Pump

Many inflatable balls contain a pump. The pump is used to inflate your Bosu balance trainer and adjust the workout difficulty level when required.

c) Size

These balls are available in small as well as standard sizes ranges from 40-65 cm in diameter. It can be used by both children and adults.

d) Color

The color scheme used in the majority

of the Bosu’s products are black and blue. But there is the availability of customizable options. This option will allow the user to choose from a variety of colors and create your personalized balance trainer easily.

e) Textured surface

Many products offered by Bosu’ brand comes up with a textured surface. The textured surface enables you to have a better and comfortable grip.

Prices associated with Bosu ball

There is three price range of Bosu balls:

a) Budgeted range

You can purchase Bosu accessories and fitness balls like balance bars and DVDs at the budgeted range.

b) Mid-level range

Bosu’s purchase medicine balls and stability balls at the mid-level price range.

c) Premium range

You have to pay a premium price for the Bosu balance trainer.

Amazing tips to use Bosu Ball Trainer

Some of the amazing tips that you should follow while using Bosu Ball Trainer:

a) Inflate Bosu’s ball properly

This amazing tool comes with a firm dome that can easily be inflated between 8.5 to 10 inches high. The perfect inflation ensures you a better safety level. It also ensures the optimal use of the Bosu Ball Trainer for various exercises. You need to check the instructions given by the manufacturer for perfect inflation.

b) Clean your Bosu ball

You need to wipe down the Bosu ball surface with any antibacterial wipes. You need to clean the surface after a sweaty workout. Never store these balls in high heat like in the car or direct sunlight. Exposure to the heat can cause an inflated dome and platform to pull-apart. Never stacks the trainers one after the other on the top.

c) Utilize proper form while doing exercise

By using proper form, you can easily prevent injuries and unwanted fatigues. Look in the mirror for checking the form and ask the workout friend to spot you further.

d) Challenging task

By using both stability balls and Bosu balance Trainer, you can get core burn and super-charged workout duration. If you have a sufficient budget, then you can purchase some Bosu ball for home gym and then create an amazing fun circuit for you. You can also perform high-intensity level workouts with this tool along with your friend also.

e) Improve cycling and running

If you are runner or cyclist, then using a balance trainer can give you the perfect time. Improving the perfect balance can also increase the performance level of your running and cycling. Athletic need proprioception but it is the skill that ignores by many individuals in training.

f) Add difficulty to Pilates and yoga

You can also increase the difficulty level of standard movements by using the Bosu Balance Trainer. It is the best way to target small groups of muscles of the body.

g) Protect your home or gym floor

If you are the one working on the hardwood floor, then you need to use a thin mat for the avoidance of mark on the wooden surface.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1) Which Bosu Ball types are really challenging for me to use?

Ans: Every product gives you a certain type of challenger. While comparing with other regular trainers, WeckMethod Elite Balance Trainer is the strong upgrade trainer. It gives you a durable and sturdy dome and stable platform. The trainer is designed for serious athletics. The level of difficulty may vary depending on the movement type and performance. If you are performing heavy and compound lifting workouts then it will give you different challenges as compared to doing push-ups.

Q2) What is meant by the word Bosu?

Ans The word Bosu comes from the words ” Both Sides Utilized” after its inception. The Bosu Balance Trainer was first invented in 1999 by David Weck. The original meaning of this word is “Both sides Up.

Q3) Is there is any limit of weight while using Bosu Ball?

Ans: The upper limit of standard balance trainer is 300 pounds while 25 pounds can be supported by Sport Balance Trainer. The Bosu NetGen Balance Trainer Pro offers an upper weight limit of about 350 pounds.

Q4) Does it make any sense to have more than one Bosu Ball-type?

Ans: If you are going to build a home gym, then you need to have a better level of equipment for workouts. But the Bosu Balance Trainer is the tool that offers many possibilities of doing exercises. It works very perfectly in Tandem. You will definitely enjoy working with this amazing product.

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