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Bose has a long record of providing high-quality wireless speakers-such as the Bose SoundLink Revolve, and with the latest invention, the Bose Home Speaker 500, the brand has shown no declining trend of its products.

The Bose Home Speaker 500 is available in the low price with user-friendly quality that is making it more expensive than the combined Google Home and Sonos One.

So what are the benefits of buying Bose Home Speaker?

The top feature that separates the Bose Speaker 500 from its rivals is the usage of Bose’s groundbreaking audio technology, which will render it an audiophile smart speaker. Although the speakers for Google and Amazon are definitely stylish, the significant number of their range of smart speakers leaves less to be desired in the audio reliability and efficiency section.

However, this Bose speaker doesn’t seem like you feel it’s a decent value of money to buy that product. Although it just depends on how much you’re able to spend for the premium quality sound that has come to be identified by Bose, paired with the voice assistant smarts from Amazon Alexa.

Attractive Design of Bose Home Speaker

All in all, the Home Speaker 500 feels pretty good, with a sleek elliptical design and a casing of anodized aluminum that beautifully imitates the light in your room if you prefer for the silver edition. As I considered to trying the glossy 

black version, which looks just as exquisite, and those who want a more non – intrusive design, it may be a better alternative.

There is a small full-color screen at the front of the speaker, which displays the album with visual style as you play music – the screen also auto-dims, so you won’t be distracted when you’re using it under low visibility levels.

The screen also shows the time, which is a useful feature but not just displays the time, but also visual graphics with lyrical headlines and so much more smart displays like the Google Hub and the amazon echo show. This provides Bose’s streamlined design ever so slightly outdated.

The grille of the speaker is precision for both audio and a high accuracy overall; the quality finishing looks very attractive. While Amazon Alexa optimized 

Home Speaker 500 for voice control, there are basic functional buttons at the top of the label and six preset buttons that can be controlled in the playlist, radio station, or album after a touch.

Although the Bose application will update the speaker next year so that presets can be produced using your voice. There’s also a light bar on the speaker that brightens with Alexa and changes your color with your music, like Bluetooth’s blue light.

It is very significant to look esthetic and look good enough to become the highlight of design without contradicting the decoration theme. 

Performance And Features

These speakers are highly in demand because of the one reason that is the utilization of the mic technology, which helps the speaker to listen properly and then pick up the commands even in the presence of loud music. The capability of near and far-field listening is due to the presence of eight microphones. The microphones are so sophisticated that they even can pick up your voices even at a very far distance.

At present, these Speakers only work with Alexa, but Bose has some plans to launch a new range this year that will be supportive for Google Assistant as well. If all your devices are Alexa enabled, don’t worry, for all your devices to shut down once at your command. Only the nearest one will respond to your command. 

Because of the right and left movement of it’s own custom drivers, these Home Speaker 500 thought to be really impressive. Bose is also claiming that these speakers are good enough that you don’t need to buy any secondary speakers.

Still, the soundstage is remarkably impressive in the sound filling, particularly when you consider it’s diminutive size.

They have impressive retro synths and distorted guitars, which sounded more smoothly, while the bass lines were excellent and powerful.

We also heard the music of Hot Chip’s ‘Boy From School.’ The harmony of the close vocal sounded snug and clear, while the clattering beats were defined and crisp.

Testament shows how well balanced and excellent the overall sound of these Speakers are. 

It is actually very much similar to the Apple HomePod, but with a change sound that will appeal to the audiophiles much better than Apple’s bassier offering. 

If you want playback music, you will have a few different options; like you can connect the device to your speaker via AUX cable, or you can wirelessly connect via Bluetooth; also, you can set the speaker on your home’s WiFi network.

We had gone through a little trouble initially while setting the speaker on our WiFi network by using the Bose Music app, and we concluded that the app always works depending on which phone type and model we are using; the app was unable to recognize the speaker while using older iPhone, but it ultimately worked fine when we switched to an iPhone 7. 

Through this app, you can connect to various different streaming services, including Amazon Music, Spotify, Deezer, e.t.c that give you lots of choice between podcasts, music, and radio stations. 

Final verdict

The sleek and sophisticated design, a nifty display, its room-filling sound, impressive audiophiles make it worth buying.

Overall, the smart speaker sounds a lot better than the other smart speakers available in the market. If you don’t mind a tricky setup and a high price point, it’s better considering it.

Last update was on: July 15, 2020 6:12 pm

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