Bose A20 Aviation Headset Review


In relation to the Active Noise Reduction aviation headsets, Bose not only has a rich but also a varied background. One of the first Active Noise Cancellation headsets was commercially launched in 1989 and was specifically designed for Pilots. Ever since then, a pilot in search of the best Active Noise Cancellation headset in terms of functions and quality would never go for anything less than the a20 aviation headset.

Noise Cancellation

In-class at noise cancellation, the A20 is best. This headphone is the best choice for pilots who need to wear them for hours on end and need to make sure that they won’t be hurting their ears by using them. It may be expensive but it’s worth it since it won’t have any harmful effects on your ears. When you need to protect your hearing, spending a few hundred more for the A20 over another headset becomes well worth it and so does not seem expensive.

The A20 is may found too quiet by some pilots. It can take a bit of time to get used to with them.

Sound Quality

Due to comfort and noise cancellation, sound quality, it is well ahead of their competitors when designing aviation headsets.

In terms of listening to music, it beats all other sets. There is no tinny sound here. Audio quality when communicating is also excellent, obviously. Voice came crisp and clear.


The A20 is falls under some of the lightest headsets available on the market. It weighs just 12 ounces. A lighter weight model can contribute to a more comfortable flying experience. When wearing the A20, the clamping force is very little, and weight distribution is excellent.

Bose always aimed to make a headset as light and comfortable as possible. Too many plastic parts are also fitted. While the build quality is still very excellent, and the A20 will be able to take some abuse because at the end of the day plastic is still plastic there.

Battery Life

The A20 stands amazingly when the battery power is full so can stay at 45 hours. The David Clark DC Pro-X2 and DC One-X have it beat in this regard at 50 hours so this isn’t best in class. But they have some different flaws as one of those doesn’t have an audio input, and the other is an on-ear model.

But still, they are excellent aviation headsets and comparable to the A20 in several aspects. But some pilots have still some issues regarding usage of the above two models. When there aren’t any with the A20, there are compromises to be made with those two headsets from David Clark.

Customer Support

The extent of the customer support you receive definitely isn’t enough but the A20’s 5-year warranty is good to go. There are many stories travelling around about Bose sending replacement parts for free even once the warranty has expired so you would certainly wish for the same treatment from the company and hope that they would help you replace any damaged parts or repair the headphones if anything happens to them.


Both of the Bluetooth as well as the non-Bluetooth versions have the option to input audio but, in terms of popularity, the version with the Bluetooth is the winner.

A control box proves to be quite useful throughout the different phases of the flight. This can help you decide which audio you would want to listen to first.

For example, turning off all external audio, mixing external audio and communications, or muting all external audio when communicating; now all these things can be chosen completely by you.


These handsets are important for those who do can be safe in the knowledge that the A20 fulfils the stringent performance standards set by the FAA so not every pilot needs a TSO approved headset. You’re in good company because the A20 is used by professional pilots worldwide.

If you are thinking that is this model is expensive than it’s the most expensive pair of headphones available on the market. It’s best for pilots who don’t want to compromise on noise reduction, durability, and voice quality.

Last update was on: July 30, 2020 2:26 pm

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