Bluesound Node 2i Wireless Multi-room Streaming Review



The Bluesound Node 2i is a ‘must add’ to your audio system due to these few reasons; it has the capacity to suit Bluesound’s wider multi-room range of audio products hence making your house audio system more comfortable and cool. It also has mind-blowing features that will sweep you off your feet, it would be difficult thinking of an audio scenario that the Node 2i wouldn’t make. There are plenty of reasons why you should get the Bluesound Node 2i plus there is an enormous effect that the Node 21 has on music which we’ll be talking about later. Now let’s look at its design since you must be wondering why I didn’t mention it above.


Even though there’s nothing bad about the Node 2i design but the Node 2i looks colorless when compared some mainstream audio devices. It features a small ( 22X5X15cm) circular cornered slice of metal and soft touch plastics. At the front, there is a logo at the top of some basic controls. You can locate the 3. 5mm headphone output at the front while the in-and-out sockets are located at the back. The box construction was good and cool and it seems to have been made with adequate care including its white finish which looks very nice. Nevertheless, it doesn’t look too colorful and the design is not much, hence it doesn’t exactly show how much it costs through its colors


The Bluesound company took some of the features of the NAD company especially the NAD masters Series M50.2. The NAD masters Series M50.2 is widely known for its excellence performance and the Bluesound copied most of its features on the node 2i. The Node 2i features the 32bit/192kHz DAC found on the original Node streamer which is highly able to partially handle maximum high – resolution digital audio files. Wireless connection is possible through the two-way aptX HD Bluetooth, Apple Airplay 2 plus the dual band Wi-Fi. It features an Ethernet socket of about 3.5mm input and a USB port for physical inputs while it features the Stereo RCA, digital optical, digital coaxial and a subwoofer pre-out for outputs. It features the BluOS controller app similar to the Pulse Soundboard 2i in the sense that it is neat and clear and also it is confusing most times just like the Pulse Sound bar 2i. This app is comfortable for streaming music/internet radio apps and also allows you to combine the Node 2i with other wider Bluesound system. You can not compare the wireless connection of an audio to that of a smartphone and as such the Node 2i can not be compared the skill of the Amazon Alexa app.


Do you wish for an enormous, durable and ample space Soundstage to play your music? Then the Bluesound sound 2i would definitely serve you well. Even if you want to listen to a music with your Node 2i while connected to your existing audio system streaming wirelessly on a Bluesound speaker around your home or maybe a wireless headset, the Node 2i gives the same authority to your recordings and hence it is skilled in every area of music reproduction. The Node 2i gives you a large sound stage and arranges individual instruments on it in a completely unbelievable way. The Node 2i gives your music the energy, passion and drive you need. When listening to something as heavy as let’s say ‘’You Think You’re a Man’’ by The Vaselines, your node 2i stays fully charged, all you need is enough control. The Node 2i can change from small music to Full-band ‘’Last Number of the night ‘’ immediately. The Node 2i creates most of your music in all aspect whether it is an MQA file of Daniel Avery’s ‘’Diminuendo’’ that hits along according to the beat or the Spotify stream of Horace Andy’s ‘’ skylarking’’ where the good details that gave Andy his clear Vocal characters are shown in a simple manner. Its resolution power are so noticeable and its timing sounds normal and unprocessed compared to its rivals. It has the ability of bringing out details in recordings irrespective of whether it is a voiced sound or a sound from the piano key strike which makes you relaxed and comfortable while listening.


You might want to get the Bluesound Node 2i due to its music production performance, its multi room comfort or its endurance for annoying control apps or even due to the fact that you already have an audio system but it does not have streaming abilities. You might also want to get one because of its cheap price when compared to other streamers. Moreover some people might want to get one because they know that performance of a device is way better than it looks


The Bluesound Node 2i is a good device and it is not expensive too and offers you most of the comfort and quality you need.

Last update was on: June 30, 2020 9:09 am

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