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The S450-XT is manufactured majorly by black plastic. Though firm, it’s somewhat clumsy at 7.4 ounces. The massive on on-ear ear cups are pillowy and revolve a little for a cozy fit. Its elastic metal band clasp the head extra hard than so many other headset. However, not as strong as Beats Headphones.

Every one of its regulators are on the cup of the right ear. A branded Blue Parrott button, volume up and down buttons, along with track controls as well as a pause/call/play button marked MFC are all located there. The boom sways up and insert in the right ear pad; the headset is irreversible. the S450-XT doesn’t bend just like the Plantronics Voyager Focus UC however, its ear cups becomes flat for travel. The headset also contains a solid case to convey it everywhere in

The S450-XTn is charged with a typical cable that is included and one of its exceptional strength is its battery life. I enjoyed almost 32 hours of Bluetooth audio streaming on the headset, which exceeded the assured 24. Anytime the battery is flat, the headset can be used with a USB cable which served as a wired PC headset, alternatively with a 3.5mm cable as a pair of headphones which is also included.

Sound Quality

The S450-XT is adjusted for maximal low end. This results plain quickly when it is compared in wired mode over a perfect ear phone pair such as the Bowers & Wilkins P7. It vocals blare as if there is a veil over them, and high-end blare retreat, but snare and bass drums thump. It should keep you sleepless, however, we very much have a preference for a better steady sound trademark such as with the Plantronics Voyager Focus UC. 

The large over-the-ear pads provides more inactive background sound annulment than the Focus UC’s can but there exist no active sound annulment, that is you can still hear little surroundings echo if in an airplane or a car.


Such as on the UC, the S450-XT’s two-inch echo makes a massive contrast when engaging in chats in noisy surrounding. Majority of stereo Bluetooth headphones with mics does not have noise revocation

However, the S450-XT did a fast effort of loud wind, traffic, and train noise, allowing my voice get through crystal clear. I’d unexpectedly proceed to declare that outbound noise revocation is superior to the Focus UC. Although there isn’t in-ear reaction of your own voice,

The range of Bluetooth is somewhat typical, starts to reduce averagely about 35 feet from the origin. However, the S450-XT’s chip is not pleasant as Plantronics’ in holding the type of involvement brought about by placing your hand on the phone’s Bluetooth antenna in a pocket. I observe a little more omission and stops with the S450-XT anytime the phone was in the pocket of a coat than with the Focus UC; detaching the phone from my pocket answers the challenge.


Hitting on the multi-function button activates the command systemof your phone’s voice. The headset functions with a BlueParrott app to read aloud text messages and put the features of the BlueParrott button. It may be adjusted to app launcher, speed dial, mute, or to activate BlueParrott’s personal walkie-talkie app, that allows you to relate with other individuals who uses the same app using VoIP.

Comparisons and Conclusions

The Plantronics Voyager Focus UC and The S450-XT together have a very distinct market: individuals that need stereo music, but also requires crystalline quality of call in diverse environments. For this individuals, a quality mono Bluetooth headset or a stereo Bluetooth headphones won’t be enough. The S450-XT is a fine headset, with an elongated battery life than the Focus UC have, also with a functional wired mode. However the Voyager Focus UC enjoys much more comfort, superior sound quality, and active noise annulment that made it our Editors’ Choice.

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