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Indoor air quality should be of supreme importance to you and your family. If you own a house, you need to avoid indoor air pollution, which can lead to premature death risks. According to some surveys, the Americans spend most of their time inside their homes. So they are at high risk of being flashed to the concentrations of the air pollutants. They are the leading cause of cardiovascular and respiratory disease as they are 2-5 times higher than outside.

So here we have come with good news. You can safeguard your health and make your family breathe in healthy air by improving indoor air quality with an air purifier that can capture about 99% of airborne pollutants. Yes! You heard the right thing, that device is Blueair Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier. So for your satisfaction, we will review all of its features, specs, pros, cons, and a comparison with other devices. We will try to explain the queries regarding air purifiers as well.


First of all, we discuss its specifications

  • Filtration: Particle, Fabric pre-filter, and carbon filter.
  • HEPA class: Non-HEPA 
  • Device weight: 13 lb
  • Number of manual fan speed: 3
  • Automatic mode: No
  • Rated power: 61 W
  • Noise Level: 31-56 dB(A)
  • Filter life: 6 months or 4380 hours
  • CADR: 360 cubic feet per minute
  • Sensor: N/A
  • Coverage: 540 sq. Ft. at five air changes per hour



It comprises of a washable fabric pre-filter in dark shadow and diva blue color. It leaves behind the mesh filter housing exposed to air.


The device has a Swedish filter technology which captures about 99% of the pollutants that cause airborne diseases such as pollen, dust, viruses, mold and pet dander


The air purifier has an activated carbon filter that lessens VOCs, gases, and irritating smells from smoking, wildfires, cooking, and more.  


It consumes deficient energy for its working at about 30-60 watts.


It is such a quiet device that you can relate it to the whisper at the lowest speed. It is no louder than a noise level of rainfall.

Particle filter

The Blueair Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier is a phenomenal product introduced by Blueair. When it comes to health, you need to do the best as you can, and this is what this purifier is designed to handle the contaminants in the air. The particle filter is usually made with polypropylene, and it is a 46 square feet pleated filter. At 0.1 particular micron size, the efficiency is 99%, which lies very close to HEPA performance. The particle filter is able is to capture most of the particles such as household dust, smoke particles, mold spores or pollens

Washable Pre-Filters

The device has come up with a washable fabric pre-filter that is available in various colors. The pre-filter assist to look after large contaminants such as dust and hair. You can wash it or vacuum it as it is so comfortable to clean. You should occasionally wash the pre-filter as recommended, and there are two fabric pre-filter covers provided in the package. To ensure better and high efficiency, the users must change the filter every six months.

Carbon Filter

The air purifier can remove airborne chemicals, household odors, smoke, VOCs with its activated carbon mesh filter. The performance of the mesh type filter is less than a granular carbon filter.

High Coverage and CDR

The air purifier draws in air from every side to ensure adequate air circulation inside the house. It also assists in making sure that no pollutants escape. No other model can equal its cleaning power to this device. Its users have highly recommended it for its superior cleaning power, which is about 350 cubic feet per minute.


Normal21310 sq. Ft.30
Asthma & Allergy5525 sq. Ft.12
Highly contamination or smoke8330 sq. Ft.8

Delicate Design

There is a lot of conversation about its controls and simple designs. It has a one-button design, unlike other models with numerous indicators and buttons for speed and settings. But with a single button, you are in complete control as you can adjust the fan speed between 1 and 3. You can turn on and off the air purifier

Indicator of filter replacement

The air purifier will notify you by its LED warning system when you have to replace the filter. You don’t need to have expert advice on when to change the filter. The LED system glow red, which signals that it is the time to change the filter paper. In the owner’s manual, you will see some instructions which can help you a lot.

Not much noisy

The exceptional feature that makes it different from others which are 31-56 dB. You have to run the air purifier 24/7, but make sure that it doesn’t hesitate your sleep. A specialized polypropylene filter media which makes it sound like a whisper. Through this, it can process low air while generating less noise throughout your rest.


Blueair Blue Pure 211+ is CARB certified. It can be used for everyone, and it is an ozone-safe. It is also Energy Star certified, and AHAM verifies the CADR.  


Blue Pure 211+ vs. Blue Pure 411

When it comes to air purifiers, Blueair is a trusted brand which was founded two decades ago. The brand is based upon the principle that “Freedom To Breathe Is The Basic Right” Award-winning purifiers are designed that have proved to be very useful for the people. Without compromising on the quality, the company builds products that show superior performance and produce low noise.

Some of the safest air purifiers the company had designed are the Blue Pure 211+ and the Blue Pure 411. Both products are amazing and perform exceptionally well but, which is better and show high efficiency?

So here we will discuss the comparison between the two products.

Room Size

The Blue Pure 211+ is the best air purifier for large living bedrooms or rooms, as compared to Blue Pure 411, suitable for small living rooms. The Blue Pure 211+ is ideal for large rooms that cover up to 540 square feet. In large rooms, the air purifier can thoroughly capture air pollutants and filter the air in less than 15 minutes. By this function, it lessens the presence of bacteria and viruses in the air

For the Blue Pure 411, it’s most suitable for rooms covering up to 170 sq ft. Like the Blue Pure 211+, it can filter room air in about 10-12 minutes. As such, it assists in creating a tranquil environment for your family.


The Clean Air Delivery Rate is a metric unit to calculate the efficiency and airflow of the air filter to seize air pollutants. If an air purifier has 100% efficiency and 200, the Clean Air Delivery Rate is 200. To create a healthy environment with no air pollutants, air purifiers should have a high Clean Air Delivery Rate.

AHAM independently verified the Blue Pure 211+ for CADR of dust 350, pollen 350, and smoke 350. For the Blue Pure 411, it’s also independently verified by AHAM for CADR of dust 120, pollen 120, and smoke 105.

Noise Level

The Blue Pure 211+ has a noise level of ranging from 31 to 56 dB while the Blue Pure 411 has a noise level range of 17 to 46 dB.


Q. Can we run an air purifier 24/7? A. Yes, it’s highly advised to leave your air purifier running 24/7. You should not run your air purifier for a few hours and expect your indoor air to remain contaminant-free throughout the day. Turn the fan speed to low if you’re worried about energy use.

Q. Where should be the place of air purifier?

A. We advise choosing a location that does not prevent the consumption of the air purifier. Most of the air purifiers have the intake near the front side of the device.

The Blue Pure 211+ has a sizeable 360-degree intake of air. You are freely set it at any place in the room and not worry about its performance.

Q. Is it recommended to use washable air filters? A. Many users use a disposable air filter because they believe that washable filters are less active and get mold quickly. The washable filter of the Blue Pure 211+ is of supreme quality. It comes in several colors and does not get moldy.


Blue Pure 211+ is an exceptional air purifier that can clean a room that covers up to 540 square feet in less than 15 minutes. Easy to maintain and operate, you can freely place the air purifier in any room without negotiating its performance due to its 360-degree air intake.

We extremely suggest the Blue Pure 211+ air purifier for an allergy patient when they always have to turn it on and don’t require features rather than the particle filtration capabilities.

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