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Is It The Best Electric Mop?

Cleanliness is everyone concern for maintaining their hygiene. Therefore, nobody is into mopping the floors and all, but it’s necessarily thing to do on daily basis. So, for that purpose advancement in technology has increased a lot and a solution for this is Bissell Spin-wave cleaner 2039A which is basically a mopping machine. It takes very little energy to mop and keep areas clean.

This Bissell Spin-wave 2039A is especially composed for comprehensive cleaning of toughest stains and dirt on the sensitive floor areas. The multiple range of floors includes tile floors, wooden floors, linoleum, porcelain, travertine and vinyl flooring etc. basically, these floors glamor and beauty depend on how it gets cleaned and electric Bissell mop helps it in maintaining the beauty essence of them.

The technology of this mop offers multiple features like it contains two soft and fluffy rotating microfiber pads which works to eliminate all dirt and powerful stains even if you scrub it so hard or too much it will not left any harm to the floor. This product also replace the heavy water bucket and manual mopping system and turned it very easy.

The over-achiever of Bissell Spin-wave cleaner reviewed that electric mop in detail and sharing the fact and pros or cons of this. The reviewer has been using it in their apartment she has tiled floor, bedrooms and a dog as well. Before going straight here is a quick highlight of salient features of this Bissell mop.

Product Highlights:

  • The tank stores about 28 ounces of hot water and it can be fixed or unfixed conveniently,
  • Spray button which regulates the cleansing mixture and helps in adjusting the amount of spray while putting on the floor.
  • For coherent mopping two buffing microfiber pads and two scrubbing pad are attached.
  • It is about 22 feet long and weighs about 11 pound
  • Cleaning surface area is estimated 14 inches
  • It also come with multi surface formula consisting of 8 ounces

A Detailed Look at Bissell Spin-wave 2039A:

 Features and Performance Analysis

Experience is the key feature to review any product. I have been experienced multiple branded electric mops but I got what I was not expecting at all which is terrible. Sometimes the dirt does not goes away properly and done unfair with the floor beauty and my last experience was such a dreadful one because it get me into back pain.

Here, I will discuss why should this Bissell Spinwave is worthwhile?

Radically, what insist Bissell 2039A a game changer is its rotating disc and flawless skills. It’s perfectly strong cleaning pads consists of very basic and outstanding mechanics techniques. You drizzle the spray on the floor and roll up the pad, it will simply clean the floor or sucks the dirt or fluid. A simple scrubbing easily gets the smudgy dirt, which is a highlighted issue in other Electric mops.

Moreover, if still you are confused and have few other query then no need to worry. Let me describe the features, tools, usage and all in detail to understand the product.

Two Different Power Cleaning Pads:

When you unbox the machine you will see two kinds of cleaning pads which includes a pair of soft touched pads for wooden floors and another pair of scouring pads for scrubbing the tough stains or dirt. These pairs can be fit onto the device on your own using velcros at the lower part.

It helps in reducing your stress onto the wrist, shoulders and on arms because both works in pair and they rotates when you switch on the device. So, this may decrease your stress of mopping and it scrubs and clean the surface without moving your position back to back. Moreover, keep this thing in mind that you need to adjust the pair properly for efficient cleaning otherwise you can face hustle.

Furthermore if we particularly describe the buffing pads, they can be used for floors of marble, wooden laminated, porcelain, vinyl and for tiling floors. This is best choice for daily cleaning as it quickly picks up the debris, smear dirt and pets furs and hairs as well. It also helps in prolonging the shine of floors without any wax.

Secondly, scouring pads are good option for mopping away the greasy waste and kitchen dirty floor cleanliness. This will definitely get away the old stains or robust quickly and you will not feel the need to scrub the ground through your hands anymore.

At that point of review, I would like to recommend to wash the microfiber pads in vinegar or baking soda solution for its long life as they are easily washable.

Removable Tank:

It contains chamber of about 28 ounce solution in which you can pour cleaning solution. It is easily detachable chamber. Particularly its solution consist of warm water most importantly and because of this user do not need to take tension to add on specific type of solution for different purpose. A basic cleaning solution with warm water can aid in cleaning dirt or messy material from the floor.

Multi-surface Cleaning Solution:

The Bissell mop comes with about 8 ounce bottle of surface multi cleaner liquor. In my account, it’s not too good liquor for hard floor cleaning. There are many other best options available in the market. However, it’s quite a nice choice for sensitive floors because that multi surface cleaning solution is not harsh or damaging for such floors.

Design and Functionality:

It weigh around 11 pounds and it’s quite not a lightweight mop. However, because of its short height of the cleaning floorhead and rotating handle makes certain things easier like to reach towards tight spaces such as under the bed area, sofa area, or many other. In contrast, its weigh basically rests on ground which helps operating it incredibly convenient.

Its functions are way too simple and easy. A best thing is its sound proof and creates no noise at all. Furthermore, when the motor is switched on the ground surface is atomized with a warm cleaning liquor and after that pads rolls up over the floor and clean it.  It also contain buttons for power switch and a spray button which can be operate manually.

Overall Performance:

There is no worry to tense about what amount of liquor can be spray because if you exceeds the decided limit it will beeps every time. There is a handle that you can control by moving it forward or backward for spray. Moreover it distributes the cleaner only at a specific angle. I have experienced a problem appears here whenever you use any other cleansing solution instead of Bissell’s solution and water. I am just highlighting this because you must keep it in your brain while using.

I figured out that this help me cleaning 5 small rooms daily and this mop is very good option for small or rigid stains remover.

Pros and Cons of the Bissell Spin-wave 2039A


  • Easy to fix together and hassle free operations
  • Quite smooth to control over the surface of floor
  • Convenient to operate in hard to access areas through pivoting handles
  • Excellent in maintaining the polish or glamor of floor
  • Broad cleaning pads minimizes the mopping time
  • The tank comes in or out in a flash


  • All manual functions, no automatic functionality
  • Does not aid in removing tough or robust stains
  • The pivoted handle need a particular position otherwise the solution get out of the pump.

Worthy Alternative:

Bissell 2315A Spin-Wave Cordless

Bissell 2039A is a perfect choice for daily cleaning of floors as it contain all the properties which are worthwhile. However, if you desires a cordless mop and gets a heavy pocket then Bissell 2315A Spin-Wave fits right one.

There is not quite big performance difference between both however this mop can be fully charged and give you a power time of about 20 minutes. It also supports an LED light which shows the battery cells.

In essence of qualities of both devices are entirely useful in cleaning routine. But it’s all up to your likeness, ease, versatility and pocket to choose what you are comfortable with whether it is corded Bissell 2039A or cordless Bissell 2315A cleaning mops.  

Frequently Asked Questions about Bissell Spin-Wave 2039A

  •  Is the mop heavy to push?

Totally no. Actually there is no doubt that it’s not lightweight device but due to its rotating mechanism it aids in making the movement absurd easy in any direction.

  • Can you get under the furniture with this unit?

Definitely, the short height mop floorhead made possible the cleaning under the furniture efficiently.

  • How long does it take to mop a 10×10 feet area?

It depend on the mess and disturbance you have created, but in terms of estimation it can take about 5 minutes or more, maybe.

  • Can you find replacement pads for 2039A?

Yes 100%. These pads are readily available in market.

  • What is the difference between Spin-Wave and Cross-Wave?

The Spin-Wave 2039A based on mopping functionality while on the other hand Cross-Wave made of vacuum + mop mechanism. However, it works perfect for deep cleaning of hard surface but it does not helps in polishing the floor, not alike Spin-wave.

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