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In this era, everyone is fussy about technology and the benefits they receives from it. The advantages can be related to any sector however if we talk about the hygiene and cleanliness. We can see a lot of advancement in term of these sectors to prevent people from pollutants, uncleaned, dirty and unhygienic environment. There are various technological tools and machines that are introduced till now to eliminate dirt and keep the area or figures cleansed.

We can see carpets, rugs, and mats in almost every houses, offices, salons, hotels, or many other places as well. So, to keep themselves dirt free is seriously a big thing. Because no one wants to get allergies etc. For reducing the risk for catching bacterial infections or shortness of breath, all need to clean the carpets around them to maintain the hygienic surroundings and environment.

What is the Bissell Pro-Heat 2x Revolution Carpet Cleaner?

In the world of professionalism, Bissell Pro-Heat 2x Revolution Carpet cleaner is an executive, powerful and considerable carpet cleaner which contains well-built motor of 800W, heatwave technology and rolling brushes bars which consist of about 12 dirt-lifter brushes as well. Moreover, it offers multiple features like long tubes (hose), different two cleansing systems, and multiple fragrance mixtures for new, rigid, hard and strong pigments and spots.

It’s really convenient to assemble in term of vacant or filling the container of carpet cleaner, as well. The most paramount focused feature was to emit high pitched sound of cleaner, so it offers a sound emitting feature. It’s seriously such a multifaceted machine in a very attractive or pocket friendly price.

DESIGN and FEATURES – Bissell Pro-Heat 2x Revolution Carpet Cleaner

Physical appearance is way very important aspect of any object. This Bissell Pro Heat 2x Revolution Carpet Cleaner comes in a shape like of other vacuum cleaners or even looks like transformer body-like apparatus with deep red, grey and black color or somehow transparent body as well. In spite of its intricate composition, it is quite easy to operate manually and fix together smoothly.

Let’s discuss the design and features of Bissell in detail;

One of the functioning part is floorhead of Bissell carpet cleaner which is quite broad. It contains 12 bristles cleaning (Dirt-lifter) power brushes which targets the dirt and thorough cleaning of carpets. A fluid of heated cleaning is drizzled onto the ground through the handle which can be provoke easily downward. The mixture move toward the piles through brush bars and all carpet dirt can be easily sucked up from the exterior front bottom of it. The waste material can be disposed off through front plastic shell. Furthermore, the solution can be kept warm or mild from the leftover heat of motor which is Pro-Heat heating mechanism. It aids in improvising the performance of cleaning and keeping the carpet dry time faster.

Secondly, Pro-Heat 2x Revolution have two techniques of cleaning; Deep Clean Method and Express Clean method. These modes can be turn by simply flipping down the red button present on the left side of it. For hard or toughest areas cleaning, Deep clean mode can aid best in this purpose and the carpet will take about 4 hours to perfectly dry. On the other hand, Express Clean mode can be used for slight, easy or light suction of carpets by using less amount of liquor and it takes less time which is about 1 hour to dry completely.

With the excellent quality components and machine, Bissell is made efficiently and well-designed parts gives it a sheer look of perfectly attached parts together. Just like a full size carpet cleaner, Bissell is basically weighed about 8kgs with entirely filled liquor inside it.

Another component is clean water tank which contains the cleaning liquor mix with water or Bissell’s solution as well, this tank can hold estimated 3.7 liters in it. This liquor tank is conveniently removable for again filling the solution along a black jar, even through sink or any tap. Black jar measurements for Deep Clean modes is about 74ml per tank of water and 37ml for Express Clean mode.

Moreover, there must be any way to store dirty water tank or clean water tank. For that dirty water tank is placed lower bottom of clean tank, and has capacity to store about 4.5 liters of waste or dirty water. It also shows the indication of emptying the tank on the side of it whether the tank is full or ready to empty. It’s one of the good option for big rooms or larger areas to clean thoroughly because of its 7meter of cable which helps in clearing the dust and that long power cable can be veiled over the machine for storage also.

Cleaning the machine is always a challenging task. This machine has a slightly easy mechanism to unclip, the upper vacuum cover detached from the floorhead whereas brush bars can only be acquired after separate the four Philip screws on the side of cover. Then the small washers go down on the edge of rollers. Re-uniting the parts are quite tricky and complex. Therefore, in order to make sure the cleanliness Bissell offers a flexible nozzle tool which benefit in taking out the fuzz from the narrow vacuum tubes or pipes.

Accessories – Bissell Pro Heat 2x Revolution Carpet Cleaner

The long pipe which is over 2m lengthy is quite elastic helps in pushing the warmth into the storage on the edge of the floorhead. All the parts adjusts finely, and the downward fitting shows there is no fear of tumbling while using the pipes, hose and other tools. A spherical, rounded plump provoke the pipe handle which functions to clean the liquor jet on the connected tools. Pushing up the tools and cut the warmth into pace.

The foremost cleaning brush in the cleaner is Bissell’s Tough Stain Tool, based on single atomizer jet, 3 rows of solid hair brushes and vacuum nozzle of plastic at the front line. It take the atomizer to spray the liquor onto the targeted area, brushes will start working and gradually all the dirt will get vacuumed and sucked from the carpet.

Another important tool in this cleaner is 2-in-1 crevice tool with rows of small bristles on it and a nozzle for spray as well. Its purpose is basically to suck or clean the areas which are difficult to access such as corners, small spotting areas and very small areas of baseboards as well.

Furthermore, this cleaner comes with the collection of three different types of solution which aids in different fields of cleaning. These solutions are based on different concentration formulas. For a strong, raw, fresh and natural clean fragrance, the Febreze Wash & refresh liquor is a best option. While, to remove, vanish rigid stains and safeguard the life of carpet to spill, the Scotchguard Wash & Protect solution can be great choice. In contrast, to permanently clear away powerful stains and for this’ the solution of Oxygen boost is added in range of sampled bottles as well.

Lastly, the all accessories of carpet cleaner (hose, tools, jug, and sample bottles) comes with a mesh bag in which all can get stored and protect easily from any damage.

Bissell Pro-Heat 2x Revolution Carpet Cleaner – How does it clean?

Noise is one of the paramount factor to notice first in machines. Usually, carpet cleaners have high pitched sound which can disturbs the people at your home, neighbors or elsewhere people. Therefore, it has designed to release loud at 86-87Db. basically, whistling sound can be produce because of high speed drills and it is equally displeasing.

In houses, carpets can be place anywhere if you feel need of. As carpets attract lots of dust, dirt, animal/pets furs and more. So Bissell presented a significant challenge here because this cleaner can give great results. We use deep cleaning mode with solution of Febreze for freshness fragrance at a jug of 74ml full in a tank of water. Even because of its weight it still does not strain your shoulder muscles because of its easy operations.

Amazing results will receives after couple of vacuum blows. This ProHeat 2x Revolution carpet picks up loads of dirt filled water as the tank gets full instantly after cleaning. As compared with other cleaner, Bissell picks up 70%-80% shampooers. It is a full package of good clean and speedily drying up carpet.

If we use the Deep Clean mode of Bissell, it blows good amount of fluid and within two strokes it get cleaned. A long rug of 1.8m x 2.3m can be managed to clean with 1 complete tank. However, deep clean mode thoroughly clean your rug and carpet without any hustle. Your toughest stained rugs can also looks like new one, after deep cleaning through Bissell’s.

Let’s get into the challenge of red wine spill on a light colored carpet. A wonderful result we get from Bissell cleaner. By using deep clean mode with the solution of Febreze detergent and add-on of Oxygen Boost liquor will seriously vanish the strong stain of wine and left with a freshness.

Another challenge of testing tough stain without deep/express mode settings. A client wrote down that she gone through a similar stain. So, what she does? That stain can be tackled through the hose (pipe) and extra tough stain tool. It can took multiple sprays or strokes but the results would totally worth it. Because after respraying and suction the stain goes away like it’s never had before, and the carpet gets dry perfectly.

Lastly, we get our hands on elderly leather sofa which is of lighter color sofa. The results shows remarkable performance because we use Febreze fluid with Oxygen additive, both helped in providing a natural fresh fragrance and expel the stains and dirt efficiently. It does not take much turns of respraying on this.

Should I buy the Bissell Pro-Heat 2x Revolution Carpet Cleaner?

  The highfliers of carpet cleaner, the manifestation of Pro-Heat 2x revolution states that Bissell’s experience counts. It works efficiently, its performance to clean the carpets is outstanding because of its Deep Clean and Express Clean mode. Its system of spraying the liquor and sucking up the dirty water works so perfect and even left the carpet dried up, stain free and fragrance full within less time.

The detail tool is a comparable star performer, conveying impressive stain-busting execution thank to its hardened bristle fibers and magnificent filthy water get. Our main focus is its noise and little wait to clean out the dirt. If you are comfortable at these motions then you must have to get your hand on this wonderful product Bissell Pro-Heat 2x Revolution Carpet Cleaner and seriously it will worth your money.

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