Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum Cleaner Review


Do you need an upright vacuum that’s capable of getting rid of pesky pet hair? Then you’ll want to look into the Bissell brand, which has many great products.

The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser comes in an upright vacuum is made in several different forms, which we’ll be testing out next week. It’s time to find out if their upright vacuum is as good as it’s supposed to be!


The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser upright vacuum uses a straightforward upright build and design. 

There’s a bright green color scheme which comprises the majority of the vacuum, and gray covers the smaller areas. An in-depth swivel is also within the steer of the vacuum.

It also features a breakaway wand that lets users attach cleaning tools to the vacuum. The vacuum’s wad remains attached to the vacuum, and it adds reach while also making it feel more akin to a handheld design – the only difference it has a hose. The nozzle is 12’ in width and its dustbin holds one and a half liters of dirty and debris.

How It Cleans

The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser cleans pet hair with its unique spooling system. The system starts with a brush roll built to reduce hair catching and wrapping on the brush’s bristles. It utilizes the floor surface to get hair off of its brush roll. The cyclonic action kicks in as pet hair and other debris enters the vacuum. The cyclonic spooling means that the debris and hair goes straight to the dust bin’s top while also being spun in a circle.

This allows the dust bin to hold debris without having any less suctioning power, and it makes the debris empty much easier, and keeping it from getting stuck in the machine.

Users also have ability to choose between 5 different types of flooring, depending on what surface(s) you’re currently vacuuming. When you pick the floor type, the vacuum will automatically adjust depending on the type of floor you’re vacuuming.

This upright vacuum’s design has a rear-end cord wrap, a brush roll with wheeled base, and an extension for its hose (with a handle that’s ergonomically built and designed).

Size & Dimensions

The vacuum is 46.8 inches tall and 12.4 inches wide, and is 18 pounds in total weight. The vacuum’s head is 3 feet long which allows it to slink underneath furniture as well.

  • Vacuum Height – 46.8 inches
  • Vacuum Width – 12.4 inches
  • Vacuum Weight – 18 pounds

Parts and Accessories

The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser upright vacuum has the following parts and accessories in the package:

  • A tool for pet hair cleanup
  • A crevice tool with LED light included
  • A filter
  • Two different accessory holders

The vacuum tests are built to show just how good the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser is on various platforms, picking up many different types of debris.

We tested the vacuum on 3 different types of floors – these include high pile carpet, low pile carpet, and hardwood flooring. Each floor type was tested on:.

  • Dry Cereal – 1 oz.
  • Rice – 3 oz
  • Sugar – 3 oz.
  • Kitty Litter – 3 oz.

All of the debris types were spread across our lane. The testing lane’s base surface is a designed hardwood floor. Carpet tests we conducted featured both low and high pile carpet inserts on the top of hardwood floors.

Debris We Tested On, L to R: Rice (3 ounces.), Cat Litter (3 ounces), Cereal (1 ounce), Sugar (3 ounces)

Our vacuum cleaning process tries to be as fair, true, and consistent to real-world usage as humanly possible. All of our tests use this procedure:

  1. Measuring the test debris’ weight and the empty vacuum debris container’s weight
  2. Spread out the type of debris evenly across the central testing lane portion
  3. Use the vacuum cleaner over the respective test area.
  4. Measure the container’s weight and note the performance of its cleaning.

Hardwood Flooring

When we tested the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser on our hardwood flooring test surfaces, I was a little bit surprised at the vacuum’s hesitation. None of our debris was cleaned up 100% and cereal performed worse than the rest (only being cleaned at 57%). The struggle to vacuum each of our debris types was surprising, though I was able to get a good amount of each of them on a second try.

Sugar was vacuumed up just fine, which was odd, but some particles of sugar stuck to our wheels and was dragged behind our vacuum.

Low Pile Carpeting

Our tests on low pile carpet were similar to our hardwood flooring tests, Cereal cleaned up at 93% compared to the hardwood flooring’s 57%. The performance drops we saw came from sugar, rice, and kitty litter.

This Bissell upright vacuum seemed to be flinging around debris before it cleaned it up, which is not optimal compared to vacuums that pick the debris right up as opposed to spreading it around more first.

High Pile Carpeting

Our high pile carpet analysis was a success, as it showed that the Pet Hair Eraser was a success. All of our debris types were cleaned at 78% and higher levels – the least successful material pick-up was sugar. Sugar tested far better on hardwood floors, and the other 3 types of debris were better cleaned up on high pile carpet.


The carpet’s additional friction helped to keep all debris in place, which in turned let the suction and brush roll pick up and remove it from the carpeting.

The Vacuum’s Usability

It was simple to set up and use the Pet Hair Eraser. The vacuum comes disassembled and is simple to set up. It took me just about two minutes! The instructions are as followed:

  1. Snap the handle on
  2. Attach an accessory holder
  3. Put the accessories in each of their respective spots

Once this is done, plug it in and start vacuuming! If you need a handheld, take a look at our Bissell handheld Pet Hair Eraser review.

Once you begin using this Bissell vacuum, you’ll first want to choose the surface you’ll want to clean. There are 4 different options on the knob, which include the following:

  1. Bare floor
  2. Low carpet
  3. Premium soft carpet
  4. High carpet

Simply put your foot down on the vacuum and select the flooring type to begin! It’s as simple as that.

Silver accenting is utilized to highlight the vacuum’s unique functions, such as flooring height changes and the release of the dustbin. That being side, users are able to remove the unit wand if they want, which allows them to snap a cleaning accessory/tool on.

An eight-inch hose is attached to the handle, and it gives the users great reach as well. A smaller latch is in the middle of the vacuum, where the handle slides right into place. This is also where this handle breaks free. Undo the latch to use this attachment freely.

It’s pretty straightforward to use this vacuum, in my view. There are only a few latches and buttons you need to use and all of them are labeled, helping to give insight into what all of them do. The majority of people should have no issue using this vacuum for everyday needs

Vacuum’s Maneuvering Abilities

A vacuum’s maneuvering ability is a big part of vacuum customers’ decision-making when choosing an upright vacuum. The Bissell vacuum was built with a swiveling head that maneuvers freely and very well.

It’s a larger unit and that can sometimes cause problems maneuvering around furniture and other items; mostly, this vacuum is nimble for maneuvering.

  • Power: 30-foot cord
  • Weight: 18 lbs.
  • Turning Ability: 45° turning radius
  • Hose: 8-foot maximum length
  • Width: 12-foot cleaning path
  • Length: 3-foot cleaning deck

Pushing the vacuum is not too tough, as the wheels do a good job of rolling smoothly and responding to changes in surface type. 

Once the brush roll is turned on, the Pet Hair Eraser feels as if it is almost driving itself, which can be a benefit for a multitude of users.

If you decide to release the wand from the top of the vacuum, the eight-foot hose is able to bend and contort its shape, making reaching all sorts of tough areas much easier.

Unit Maintenance

This table shows the rate you’ll want to replace the components and parts of this vacuum. These are recommended by the manufacturer, and represent the average rate that most vacuum users need to replace these assorted parts.

Keeping up the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser is easy: just replace its filter every 3 months (or more frequently if needed), empty out the dust bin, and check to ensure no tangles are in the brush roll. There is not much maintenance needed beyond this, which is great!

Vacuum Noise

All of the vacuum cleaner reviews we have on Modern Castle are run through our standard noise test. This test utilizes a sound meter decibel level of noises about 3 feet from the vacuum.

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