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You love your pets dearly, but they can still be messy. When you need to keep your house clean from your pets, the proper tools are necessary. Many of these tools and products are marketed as “pet”-centric, but do they actually work?

The Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro is a full upgrade of the Crosswave All-In-One, which is designed specifically to tackle the typical pet mess issues. No matter whether you have the original unit Crosswave of if you just want to upgrade your current tools, the Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro gives you all of the tools you need! Let’s take a look and see what we have with this unique product:

What Is The Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro?

The Crosswave Pet Pro is a powerful cleaning product tool which is built to handle multiple floor styles. It mops and vacuums hardwood flooring and quickly moves from hardwood floors to your rug without needing to change your tools.

The head is built to handle all kinds of pet hair. A typical complaint of the previous model was its inability to handle this. The vast majority of vacuum bristles typically get bogged down when vacuuming.

Bissell modified the head’s width and redesigned its bristles to get pet hair out of the product’s trap in a safe manner, so you’ll not have to stop the vacuum to pull it out.

The Bissell is one of the best of the non-specific products for cleaning on the market today, so we were quite happy to see other offerings in the pet line. This particular one is built to be multi-purpose in its cleaning for pet hairs and lighter soil, which eliminates any need for more than one tool to achieve the cleaning tasks.

How Does It Work?

The Bissell Crosswave utilizes 2 distinct tanks, one for the purposes of cleaning solution and one to hold dirtied water. The wet vacuum picks up debris and dirt from each surface. Water sucks back into the vacuum to get rid of puddles.

When inside the product’s tank, big bits of debris and animal hair are drained out, so you won’t worry when big clogs are in the drain.

Dirtied water goes through the drain and clumps of animal hair go into the trash. Controls are user-friendly and easy to use. When you start mopping with it, it’s a simple one-touch control scheme that allows for easy sue. Mopping is a trigger that’s on-demand, and if you see any areas that are dirty, you’ll be able to focus on mopping right there. You can also spray the areas that need to be cleaned, prior to mopping over them.

The Bissell Crosswave has more than one brush head – each is designed for different surfaces and are easy to remove and clean. We really hate how film and grime accumulate over some of the vacuum and mop products out there, so this is a good feature.

Once finished, you can empty out the water tank and clean out the pet hair filter. The attachments don’t have fitted areas to hold them, so find a good place to store them.

What’s The Best Way To Use It?

Animal owners who have small homes, or who don’t let their animal travel all around their house.

The small homes really benefit from this design. It doesn’t suction up the water as powerfully as many carpet cleaners, but it’s great to clean and go over many types of surfaces. You won’t need to move the rug, so you can pick up hair wherever it is. We highly recommend this product for day-to-day use, especially the vacuuming function.

If you allow grime and animal hair to accumulate over several days, the Bissell doesn’t have storage or power for large amounts of hair. Treating the floors daily keeps the hair volume down and stops clogging before it happens.

We do think it’s good as a weekly tool as well, if you need to broom up or vacuum pet hair. If you’re sweeping/vacuuming pet hair daily, the vacuum lets you get hair you’ve missed at the end of the week.

It’s safe on sealed wood floorings, linoleum, tile, and also low pile rugs and carpets. You’ll want to make sure you test a tiny floor area first to make sure there’s no issue with it, and also watch the brushes to make sure you’re not mistakenly scratching the floor. Don’t use the mop function on any of your unsealed hardwood flooring areas.

What’s in The Package?

The majority of Bissell packages have 2 distinct trial versions of the floor cleaner, so you’ll get a feel what it’s like. You can start immediately without needing to invest in all of these different cleaning products at the same time. They all have Febreze freshness which will help you get the stubborn odors out of the floor and also keep unwanted odors out while you’re doing your deep cleaning. We love this perk!

These interchangeable bristle heads are built for different jobs. The bristle heads have different designs to clean or get hair up in an efficient manner. Experiment with a variety of combos to determine which bristle head works best for you, and which works best for the job you’re trying to accomplish.

Its cord is quite long and gives you a lot of space to move. Its tank has a capacity of 28 oz., which is more than enough to handle small to medium areas with zero issue. If something is soiled, you’ll need to empty out the tank and thoroughly clean the filter, though this only takes a couple seconds. Then you’ll be good to go!

What Are The Benefits?

How long does it take you to clean your floors when you do it? Do you postpone mopping and cleaning because you don’t want to have to use multiple tools? This may be your answer!

Cleaning is an ongoing process that’s cumulative, so things that prevent you from cleaning things in the present will cause more issues down the road. A combination of vacuum and mop isn’t always the best tool for cleaning, but it’ll encourage you to stay up-to-date with cleaning bits of debris.

The product’s vacuum ability is powerful, especially for a compact-sized vacuum. It features great brush head rotation, which is great for its size as well. It won’t get all bogged down by hair unless you don’t clean it for a few weeks. The biggest perk of the product, however, is how convenient it is for moving across your entire floor area, picking up debris and tackling mopping across entire services to clean up all the grime you need to clean.

It’s also far lighter than the typical vacuum and also the typical carpet cleaning contraption. It’s a great tool to clean areas up to medium size, which see lots of pet and animal action. 

What Are The Downsides?

Combining tools in this way does decrease the effectiveness of each piece. If you have a thick pile carpet, the vacuum will not stand one chance at getting up your debris. If you need to deep clean the floors, this one won’t replace old steam cleaners or a bucket/mop.

It usually leaves some liquid puddles on the floor where you stop to mop. You’ll need to take care not to leave it on these wood floors. Rugs and carpets will also need more time to dry out, so if you mistakenly left a thick and wet area, you’ll likely need to elevate it for it to dry thoroughly.

We’re not sure that it reduces overall cleaning time either, since we found ourselves having to go over multiple wet spots again with the vacuum to get excess water (this was especially true over areas with rug). If you’re trying to reduce your cleaning time this likely isn’t the right product for you.

Who Is It For?

The switching of tools sometimes causes people to put cleaning off until they can’t put it off anymore. This might help you get back on track, but it’s not going to reduce the time you’ll spend cleaning since the vacuuming ability isn’t quite as strong. However, it will encourage you to do the vacuuming and mopping work and get it accomplished.

Those with small areas to clean will see large reductions in the work necessary, because you’ll be able to keep up with mop and vacuum work easier. If you have a spill or some extra grime, it’s easier to get it out with the Bissell device than by using a mop and water.

Cleaning is really just about being consistent, and this particular product helps you be just that. Cleaning bit by bit is challenging for many people, but Bissell does these things and keeps everything clean over a long period of time.

Those who struggle with staying consistent or those who need a push in the right direction of cleaning their pet’s things have a great asset at their hands with this product. It’s also great for those who have small-sized or medium-sized places in their house with varying floor types that are challenging to clean.

Who Should Skip It?

Those who have huge areas to cover with their vacuum may want to seek out another product, as this one isn’t the most convenient for that purpose. It doesn’t have quite the solution to get across a large area, and you’ll also likely have to stop to refill it a lot. The vacuum ability might also leave the carpet too wet unless you go over it multiple times. Because of this, large areas of carpeting aren’t the most suitable.

If you don’t have problems with doing a bit of cleaning daily, this one might also not be for you. It’s just not strong enough to qualify upgrading from a separate type of vacuum or mop, and may not be worth the money.

If you have the Bissell All-in-One, we’re not sure it’s worth to upgrade to a pet-specific one, either. You’ll want to look at your current vacuum model and see just how well it pulls up animal hair. If you don’t spend a ton of time pulling out and untangling all of it, you’ll likely want to upgrade, though there’s not real difference between these two which warrants automatically upgrading.

Recommended yes or no

We recommend the Bissell Crosswave for people who need to get a new cleaning tool for their home use; if you have a vacuum already that you love, we’re not sure it’s worth upgrading. If your animal and pet hair situation is currently out of control and you need help with it, you might just want to upgrade to a more powerful type of vacuum.

Buy this product if you find switching your tools keeps you from cleaning your house regularly. If you’re frequently vacuuming but leave mopping for other days, or if you do vacuum later once the mopping is done, this product could be the one that finally keeps you consistent in your regular household cleanings!

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