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Houses that have tile floors or pets are especially hard to sweep and vacuum; mopping can be a big hassle as well. When I got the Bissell wet-dry vacuum cleaner for me to review, I was really excited to see if it would make my floor cleaning jobs easier. The tile floor has been a canvas for our toddler’s daily food and liquid messes. It’s been challenging for us and our newborn to keep these floors clear and clean.

Bissell’s latest wet/dry vacuum cleaner gives you a light, simple-to-use, and cordless vacuum appliance to help bring ease of use and a stress-free vacuum experience back to your life!

The CrossWave Cordless Max is an excellent product that’s built to wash and vacuum a wide variety of floors (and also some rugs). In contrast is the most feature-rich, premium of the CrossWave series, and is designed to vacuum and wash supported floors (and some area rugs) at the same time. In contrast to many other products of its kind, it may not be quite as powerful – however, it absolutely excels in its specialized areas of use.

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Usage Tips

Cleaning Solution

  • There are two separate tanks: the bottom tank collects all of the water that’s dirty, and the top tank holds all of the cleaning solution. The latter has marking lines that show you the water amount to add in, followed up by cleaning solution. There are also additional markings for the “larger” and “smaller” liquid areas.
  • Cleaning works best if you use warm or hot water


Bissell 2554A
  • Power the unit on by pressing the ‘Power” button
  • Squeeze the unit’s handle to send the solution
    • Hold it for 10 seconds until you see bubbles appear near the roller before you begin cleaning
  • Move the cleaner back and forth, squeezing the handle for solution as necessary
    • To dry quickly, squeeze the handle when moving forward and release when moving backwards
  • If you keep seeing dirty water on the floor, see if anything blocks the path to the dirty water tank
  • For the areas that are harder to clean up, slowly move the device back and forth over the areas you need to clean


  • Once you clean up the desired areas, dump out all tank liquid and remove any and all debris, and clean the filter (which is reusable)
  • Take out the roller and thoroughly wash it out
  • Make sure all of the components dry out before you put them away
  • Put the vacuum in the dock to charge

“Bissell Connect” app

  • You can download the app from the iOS and Android stores for respective phone usage
  • This app is used to:
    • Get alerts (including brush life and remaining filter)
    • Track vacuum maintenance (including cleaning length and date, usage of cleaning solution, etc.)
    • Get videos and articles that give you tips on vacuum usage

Final Thoughts

This vacuum works very well for the vast majority of general vacuum cleaning, both wet and dry. This motor isn’t quite as powerful as other mops and dry vacuums, but it more than makes up for it because it’s a convenient and cordless product for fast and quick cleaning. It doesn’t quickly clean the small grouts, but it always ends up looking better than if it’s cleaned with a typical mop.

I was very surprised how well this product picked up dirty with its tank, and the convenience of this product makes it very easy to do regular quick cleanings.

Our big issue with the Bissell CrossWave is the ridiculously low battery life, which is only half an hour in length. I’ve been unable to finish many basic cleanings of my family room, kitchen, laundry room, etc. because it dies before we’re even able to finish. The cleaning solution goes hot to cold and makes its next use far less powerful in its effectiveness for cleaning. You’ll need to prioritize which areas you want this product to clean and which you’ll manually mop or sweep.

The small areas are great to clean with this appliance, but you’ll want to reconsider this product if you’re cleaning a bigger home. If Bissel had only given an option for an additional battery that can be purchased and charged in their docking station, our rating would have been far higher.

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