Beyerdynamic Dt 770 Pro Headphones Review


Being a lower-end model, it is right to expect basic design and materials from the DT 770 Pro. This does not mean it cannot break but in spite of all this Beyer dynamic did the best it could. Its ear cups have a joined standout elements like the textured dome and large branding print across the center.


Considering that DT 770 Pro likes a secret vibe, rather than portraying flash the whole facade shows attractive sophistication. Beyer dynamics headphones it’s hard plastic all-round and open to the tap, thus not getting around how cheap they feel in-hand. It’s senseless that they’ll fall apart but even headphones at this price – point are increasing their build quality at recent days. Going around, you start to see that Beyer dynamic poured resources into the headphone’s working conditions like the bits that makes in touch with the head, generous cushioning on the headband’s underside and on the large ear pads. Contrary, the headband is covered in a large amount of leather wrap.

Unlike these days, it’s not often to see a fabric wrap on ear pads, because most headphones manufacturers go for some variation of leather. It’s not certain whether they’ll hold up to grime over time nearly as well as leather pads but the DT 770 Pro’s ear pads feel as nice on the head as they appear to. To ensure no fancy active noise cancellation of the sort, DT 770 Pro’s ears pads are larger compared to the average bear. They’re joined with the soft cushioning and the enveloping wear means that sound isolation is above average. It almost feels like your head is sandwiched between pillows, guess that relaxation is top-notch. This is a welcoming benefit. However, like with many of today’s modern alternatives, the headphones are not portable. The headband lacks any kind of hinge that decreases the footprint. More of that, the larger cups can pitch the tad and flatten the profile to a more travel-friendly form having a less rotation thus limiting its degree of freedom. Aimed at the pro level, packaging is basic because apart from headphones and manual, you’re just given a 1/4″ jack adapter and a thin drawstring carrying bag. Being an “entry-level” model of series, these things are fine considering that Beyer dynamic dumps most of the resources to the headphone’s design and sound. What exciting on the cable front is the ability to detach and switch cables. DT 770’s cable has a quality thickness and rubbery sheathing thus it not easily damaged. The cable length is close to whooping 10 feet which shows “Pro” exemplification.

About the sound

DT 770 Pro is expected to make up for its minimal exterior with great sound quality considering it as “entry-level” model. The exceptional reviews noted that the headphone does not disappoint according to its racking. There’s is different impedance versions of DT 770 Pro, from the lowest 32ohms to the highest 250 ohms which differs power output of source equipment. The 32ohms version is the best for more volume headroom which is still drive able through a smartphone. Beyer dynamics still offers middle-ground 80 ohms variant despite being cheap it is still built like a “Pro” headphone.


The bass response of DT 770 Pro is enjoyable due to its fantastic balancing of juggling Power with finesse. Its notably bold has a clean articulation but stays within its boundaries which gives excellent separation with a mid-range that has a similar potential thus the entire first half of the spectrum is good. The range has enough authority to shine and attract attention of the user anytime the track controls. More of that, the reproduction is skillfully an open and contrast one which gives a perceived around-the-head fullness but not to the level of open-back headphones that is above-average for closed-back. The price chain gives more clarification despite that, the mid-range is not perfect. Instruments lack the cleanest distinction particularly when track gets busy. For analytical listeners, elements are not necessarily “muddy” but it’s just not that crystal clear information they strive for.

This region expect more openness, especially since this quality is let on by the other ranges. To avoid getting it wrong, the minds are far from compressed, in-the-head reproduction while vocals have a natural airy quality and the dynamics have some dimensional role. The headphones can simulate because the region is not fully taken advantage of in the bigger space.

Both the quality and dynamics are excellently captured and also the trembling on the other side. Apart from retrieving crisp and higher-end details, the DT 770 Pro delivers in a skillful way. The sounds echoes through the space creating a pleasing sense of depth as instruments like cymbals sport a nice clash that extend notably wide. For the Beyerdynamic’s higher-end DT models, this is the caliber expected throughout the entire spectrum.


According to the sound quality, the conclusion is that the DT 770 Pro is still worth it for the price in these days. Although many modern headphones offer more characteristics and better materials putting up a fight against the very basic DT 770, it cannot generally be said for sound quality. DT 770 Pro should be a seriously considered unless a critical need for portability and want “Pro” sound that can be driven by a smartphone.

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