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Since we are used to cleaning our clothes and rooms, why not we also learn to clean our Macs?  The problem is really about digging through piles of folders and files; and this might take the whole day. So many files contain a lot of junk and clutter, in the music, apps, videos, email downloads and so many other locations where these files are located. Now, cleaning the Mac is now much easier than one would have thought possible. Nowadays, a lot of people download free and cheap Mac Cleaning software. We’ve made an easy comparison chart which shows the best Mac cleaners for the Mac.

Best cleaners for Mac: Free and premium versions

 1. CleanMyMac X

The CleanMyMac X comes first place in our list with very good reasons— the cleaner has a combination of various features that both cleans and also serves as an antimalware tool. It has a Smart Scan that gives a thorough search and scan of your Mac. This app helps to detect junk like user’s cache files and also check the system logs. It checks your app for malicious software and helps to increase the speed of your MacBook. So, if you feel like there is a threat to your system that needs to be corrected, then the CleanMyMac X is Tesla Roadster among other Mac cleaners. It also helps to show your junk and other clutter, helps to uninstall unneeded apps and clear out their leftovers to keep your Mac’s system clean and properly optimized. Another reason to get this app is that it is Apple- notarized, which shows it is very safe for your Mac.

2. Disk Doctor

The Disk Doctor which was developed in UK got awarded the “Mac Gem” award by the MacWorld in 2013. It received a lot of praise from CNET and other tech journalists for its functionality. As at now, it still remains a very effective tool for Mac Cleaning and it effectively removes junk files that slows down the Mac and reduces its computing power.

3. MacBooster

The MacBooster is quite a popular app developed at 10bit. This app doesn’t perfectly fit into a “cleaner” niche due to the so many features it crams under one interface. A distinct feature is the duplicate file remover— an extra option to free up space on the Mac. The developer mentioned that about 20 types of junk files can be deleted using the MacBooster.

In the 8 rendition of the MacBooster, it offers real-time Mac protection, which makes it equally fit as an antivirus, although with very basic features. For instance, you can take out malicious browser cookies to avoid unsolicited ads on your Mac. Although there are available free trials, it doesn’t belong to the free Mac cleaner apps. This app doesn’t allow you remove any junk for free in the trial version. In order to enjoy the MacBooster, you’ll basically rely on its free scan. Even after you’ve uninstalled the MacBooster, some of it parts may still remain on your drive. 

4. DaisyDisk

The DaisyDisk provides you with a visual representation of your Mac folders, this makes it easy to see what is it that’s taking up space and enable you delete unwanted folders. You’ll just have to select a drive, it will be scanned by DaisyDisk, then you can delete everything which is wasting valuable space. It actually comes with a free and premium version.

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