Behringer X32 Digital Mixer Review


At the point when the Behringer X32 digital blender originally came out, I took one glance at the cost and just realized it must be a lie. I have seen Behringer hardware as hit and miss with regards to quality, and I realized this one must be a miss. 

I imagined having an advanced blender – scene sparing, mechanized faders, pressure, and parametric EQ on EVERY channel… but the thing is our little church financial plan couldn’t retain an expensive blender. Whereas the Behringer X32 was cheaper than most of the advanced gadgets. I assumed that it must be missing the features yet as I analyzed the specs, nothing was absent.


  • Behringer X32 digital mixer has 4-band parametric EQ on EVERY channel, which makes it different from usual mixers. With a simple blender you would need to buy a rack-mountable parametric EQ unit for each channel to get this equivalent outcome. Discussion about cash and space-sparing element–It is stunning to understand each vocal/instrument dialed-in correctly. 
  • It has Compression and gate on each channel – Using the pressure and entryway highlights are a crucial factor to controlled vocals and getting your drums and low pitch guitar sounding astonishing. The Behringer X32 gives you this benefit on every channel. 
  • Great reverb has a massive effect on the nature of your blender. I expected the Behringer X32 to crash and burn when it was cheaper, yet I wasn’t right. Its built-in reverb and delayed sound completely lovely. What’s more, the flexibility is unbelievable. 
  • Behringer X32 mixer’s preset memory is marvelous – I used to be stressed that the sound tech overlooks what is expected to change between tunes, yet no longer. The Behringer X32 lets you save each setting on your blender so that you can review it with a snap of a catch. Along these, we keep our presets during practice, and the sound tech can rapidly consider each blend before the melody starts. On this, you can save explicit channels as presets. This is particularly helpful when you have various vocals every week utilizing a similar channel on your blender.
  • Mix on an iPhone, iPad, or Android gadget – Attach a remote switch to the Behringer X32, and you can blend from anyplace in the room on your cell phone. The artists would now be able to utilize their telephone to control their screen blend – no additionally yelling back to the sound tech. 
  • It has 16 transport blends also – Mostly, blenders have four aux sends for screen blends. The Behringer X32 has 16 transport blends that can be utilized for screen blends. At last, everybody can have a combination.
  • We used to utilize a sound interface to record the message on the PC that runs ProPresenter. Presently we can plug a USB drive into the Behringer X32 to hit the blender’s record directly. Less space for the blunder and a lot are simpler to work. 
  • The Behringer X32 permits you to record every one of the 32 channels at the same time. The mixer empowers you to file practice and afterward return the following day without the band and tweak your blend. Presently, you have the correct programming and a decent PC to get this going (like a MacBook Pro with ProTools). However, this is incredibly useful – particularly for preparing new sounds tech.
  • If your beloved band needs to create a live collection, the Behringer X32 has all that you have to get it going. Record every one of the 32 channels of raw signals and send everything to the recording studio. 


As it would be obvious, the Behringer X32 blender is definitely worth the price. Remember, things would be difficult if you are used to a simple mixer, which is why I have made a course to make it easier to use and speed things up.

With all the accessible highlights, the Behringer X32 is undoubtedly worth adding up to your life.

Last update was on: October 2, 2020 2:28 pm

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