Beats Solo3 Wireless On-ear Headphones Review


If you are living in a city, chances are that you’ve come across at least a few people who were using Beat’s Solo 3 Wireless headphones. And since Beats’ is a subsidiary of the mighty and undisputed king of the world of smartphones, also known as Apple, its reputation and quality is pretty much a given.


These headphones are among the most famous and extensively used designs Beats has ever launched. They are budget-friendly and can be bought from any Beats’ store for a price of only $200.

But even though their reputation is quite spotless, one would wonder about whether or not they’re actually that good.

And that’s exactly why we decided to check Solo3 Wireless headphones out and assess their actual quality and worth. We wanted to find out if they’re really as good as the world says that they are. And then the best thing that could happen did happen! Beats sent us a pair of the Solo3 Wireless headphones to try and we’ve already spent a few weeks using and assessing these headphones. And here’s what we found out of the Solo3 Wireless; both pros and cons:

Pros and cons

  • The quality of the sound is impeccable. It’s not only easy to understand but also very crispy, even when you turn the volume to its highest-level, it won’t affect the crispiness and clarity of the music. In addition to this, the Solo3 Wireless also consist of an impressively strong bass, however, its strength is not overwhelming at all.
  • The Solo3 Wireless headphones are quite durable and can be recharged using a microUSB. A single recharge offers up to 40 hours of battery life.
  • They also have the fast churching feature which allows t[you to use the Solo 3 Wireless headphones for up to 3 hours after a single 5 minute recharge. This is one of our favorite features since, in case of emergency and frequent power outages; we could easily get up to three hours of a battery life after a 5 minute recharge.
  • `Sadly though, the controls are only available on one of the ear cups but at least they’re easy to distinguish.
  • You can use the Beats’ logo on the left ear cup to not only play but also pause the music. And if you want to skip through song, all you have to do is tap on the logo twice, thrice if you want to go back to the previous song.
  •  The Beats’ logo is surrounded by a small plastic ring used to control the volume. Tap above the logo if you want to increase the volume and tap under it if you wish to decrease it.

Beats is currently trying to push its “Beats Club” collection which comes in quite wide range of beautiful and bright colors. They will also come in the standard colors for those of us who are not great fans of bright and bold colors, for instance, we got the black ones.


The Solo3 Wireless headphones consist of a W1 chip inside them that is specifically designed to detect any iPhone in its vicinity. Therefore, the moment you turn you headphones on for the first time, they will instantly identify you iPhone, if you have one, and connect with it without any problems. You’ll only need to press the button on your iPhone to complete the pairing process. It couldn’t get any easier than this.

Now, here’s the interesting part. This on-the-spot pairing function is not just limited to the Solo3 Wireless headphones, im fact, quite a number of Beats’ other products also offer the same feature and it’s probably because Beats’ Parent-Subsidiary connection with Apple. The products of both companies are designed to be in sync with each other. Some of the Beats’ products supporting this feature include are Studio3 Wireless, PowerBeats3 Wireless, Beats X, and Power Beats Pro etc.

And just in case you don’t have an iPhone and are only using the plain old android phone, don’t fret. They’ve got you covered as well. Or even if you do have an iPhone but you intend on connecting the headphones to your laptop. In both of these cases, it can easily be spotted under your Bluetooth settings.


Contrary to the over-ear design of the Beats’ Premium Studio3 Wireless headphones, the on-ear design of the Solo3 Wireless headphones would make you feel like your head is being squeezed from the side.

The headphones would be pressing against your ears and hence the extremely uncomfortable feeling of having your head being squeezed from the sides will overwhelm you. You may be able to handle it for a few minutes but if you are going to use these headphones for a longer period of time, you’re going to need to take them off and let both your ears and head rest in between that longer period of time.

Last update was on: August 3, 2020 9:43 pm

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