Astro A40 Tr Gaming Headset Review


Astro A40 TR is the latest addition in the line of Astro’s wired headsets. These large headsets are available in black and white colors. Though mainly they are specifically designed for PlayStation and PC users, it can run with Xbox one’s controllers having a new jack of 3.5mm.

Design and quality of Astro gaming A40

 With its distinct design, it is made according to the taste that gamers have. Though the curves and color tones appeal to me, it wouldn’t match everyone’s taste.

The headband and earcups offer a solid feel, and the headsets are overall strong and durable. The main material used in the headset is plastic, but at some points, there are dangling edges, which may cause a bit of discomfort.

The headsets are capable of being customized using the Mod kits that you can buy separately. According to personal preference, the headbands, and earcups, padding and covers can be swapped out. It can even be converted into a noise-canceling microphone, after making some modifications in it.

The sliding mechanism on the sides of the headset provides structural support by adjusting the headsets according to their head. This way, fitting is ensured, and extra padding makes them extremely comfortable. Near the end of the headsets, you’ll find the microphone and earcups. The magnetic covers of earcups can be opened to make an open back, or else can stay as it is to retain a close back.

The removable microphone is located on the left earcup, which can not only be removed by just snapping it off but also is easily adjustable due to the flexibility in its design. With 3.5mm port and 2m cable, the cable can be swapped and can be extended to large lengths.

The padding material on both the headband and the earcups ensure comfortability even if you wear it for hours.

Though the weight is 300 g, which is certainly not that low, still it doesn’t feel heavy. The initial fit is quite tight, but gradually it loosens and allows a comfortable yet firm grip.

The overheating and sweating is minimalized by the cloth material. However, if you want, you can replace the magnetic pads with other desired materials if your choice.

MixAmp Pro

The headset can be purchased standalone, or in combination with MixAmp Pro which is also slightly expensive.

The MixAmp Pro is a simple average sized box that offers dials and buttons. In addition to these, surround sound is offered by Dolby Pro Logic IIx. Users of consoles or PCs can find the volume dial very beneficial. In addition to this, the capability of mixing external sounds in the game gives an amazing listening experience.

Additional software can be used as well if a person wants. The mixing options for audio are extremely useful for game streamers.

Astro A40’s audio quality

Among the several headsets that I have used in the past, the audio quality of Astro TR is among the best ones. Whether you use the headsets for gaming or movies, the performance of the headset is never compromised.

The way A40 TR balances sound and manage genres, the experience of this headset is truly remarkable. The rhythmic beats offered are tight, and bass is powerful but not overwhelming. Midranges never lack clarity, and other vocals also are of high definition.

The A40 TR provides an equally impressive game experience as well. Even the gunfires and explosions in several games, including Titanfall 2, were handled extremely well. Be it the clear subtler sounds, or the realistic thuds of the explosions, at each level of the game, the Astro impressively handled the sound. Immersion offered by the wide soundstage covers up the unit’s lack of surround sound. By removing side covers and using MixAmp Pro, the soundstage can be further expanded.

Though the microphone is not that efficient as the headset itself, it still is pretty decent. There is clarity, and with MixAmp, there is even a little static. Adjusting the microphone near mouth too is simple, but it can have slight nasal sounds as well. It is a lot better as compared to the Corsairs Void’s series, and can generally be satisfactory for many users.

MixAmp Pro offers surround sound, it’s DAC (digital to analog converter) provides an amazing listening experience by offering crisp and clear sounds, and even handles distortion because of its ability to generate loud volumes easily. Despite all of this, I am still not in complete favor of investing extra cash in MixAmp Pro.

The extra investment on MixAmp is a matter of debate since the cost does rise a lot. However, MixAmp Pro can definitely come in hand and is worthy of spending money if a person wants to tweak the signature of sound, have easy accessibility to the audio controls, or if the systems DAC is not good enough.

Is Astro A40 TR gaming headset a good option?

Out of all the headsets that I have previously tested, Astro A40 is one of the top ones. The price is a bit higher as compared to other options, especially when several decent wireless ones are available at a much lower cost. The design is specifically for gamers and might not suit everyone’s taste.

Despite all of this, the comfortability is so high that you can wear it non-stop for hours. Additionally, the audio quality is phenomenal. If you looking for wired headsets and can spend a bit more, then A40 TR is one of the best headsets that you can go for.


Astro A40 TR should be on the top of your list if you are looking for a wired gaming headset that has an amazing quality of audio.

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