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Do you want high-speed internet connectivity over your cable TV? Do you want the top-performing cable modem in terms of high-speed internet? Here is ARRIS SURFboard SB8200 Modem. It is a fact that cables TV is a tool to get access to top quality content from a variety of TV channels. If you have selected the right modem, you have a high-speed internet connection besides the general TV services.

It is a fact that the cable service providers offer a modem to its clients for nominal monthly charges. But it is a fact that the quality of your charger matters a lot, whether its provider’s modem or you buy on your own.

It is upon you to take more control of your TV services. You may purchase a modem. You need to find a modem that is compatible with the bandwidth you are spending month for. I hope, in this article, you will find the right direction for the purpose. I will provide you an insight into the features of ARRIS SB8200.

It is ARRIS SURFboard 8200 Gigabit cable modem that I am providing you a review. It benefits from DOCSIS 3.1 technology to use the bandwidth that is allocated to you. Now we are going deep into its performance concerning numerous matrices.

What is included?

When you open the box, you find some other added utilities in the ox. It includes a power adapter, an Ethernet cable, and instructions for its users. The user manual will help you in setting up the modem. The warranty car is also with the modem and some other tor documents.


The design of The ARRIS SB8200 looks basic and understands. It is a tiny white package that has a measurement of 5.2 inches height and 5.2-inch depth. You may call it a small desktop computer. Its base comes with black rubber lines to laminate slippage. There is a matte plastic shell that avoids the smudges and fingerprints. There are also numerous vents and gaps in the shell. There are pores to make air circulation easy.

Four led’s make the front of the modem that comes in the form of cheerful icons. A vertical arrangement is made in the following order. The order is Power, download link, and upload link and connection status. 

So far as the ports of SB8200 are concerned, they exist on the back of the modem. The arrangement here is vertical too. The order is in this arrangement: Two Gigabit Ethernet ports, a cable connector, and a power port.

Setting up the modem

You may easily straightforwardly install the modem. It is due to its simple layout and concise users’ instructions. You should power up the modem and then connect it to cords and then place a router to one of the gigabit ports.

But keep one thing in mind. Before starting the working of your modem, you should sign up with your able service company. You may set it up over your phone. It is a fact that the cable service providers may let you register your phone online. For this purpose, you will give them your MAC address and the product no f your device.

After you have completed your registration procedure, now your modem must perform well. For this purpose, you may go for an Ethernet cable to connect the device of your desire. It is ideal to have a router or a gaming console. Here are the details of the ARRIS SB8200 review.

Chipset and connectivity matters

ARRIS is a market leader for its top quality products, and SB8200 is a product among many. It is powered by Broadcom BCM3390 that is a high-level chipset with minimum latency. The chipset is vital for extraordinary performance in terms of gaming speed, streaming, and internet connectivity.

The modem comes with 3GB RAM and two sets of flash memory. One set has a capability of 128MB, and the other set is 16MB. If we combine all memory, the chip and memory provide a boosted performance. The SB8200 supports 3.0 and 3.1. It results in a modem that gets data through a cable system at a speed of up to 5 GBPS. The packaging of the modem has a detailed description of this.

Speed and put through

It is a reality that cannot be denied. The hardware of any modem provides you the throughputs as the company allows it. In simple words, if the connection is 1GB, the SB8200 will consume 950 Mbps bandwidth whenever you use it. His performance threshold is excellent; you need a high-quality router to achieve it.

Contrary to its counterparts, the ARRIS SB8200 comes with two Ethernet ports; it is beneficial for several reasons. You may implement different home networks on each port. It will boost the performance and efficiency of your modem. If you go for a second network, you will need an IP address. Some cable companies offer you n address. They may sometimes charge fees. Some of the providers do not provide two addresses to a single consumer.

There is link aggregation permission from some GE ports. In the case of two ports mingling to form a link aggregation, you may ask this to your service provider. The link segregation I a little head of its time now. There is some other notable features t mention before the closing of our review.

Upstream and downstream channels

There are 32 downstream channels and eight upstream channels with this modem. The increased number of channels is vital for the functionality of SBb8200. There are zero congestion and almost zero latency due to this fact.

ARRIS offers you an online spectrum analyzer. You may bring it to work to hold the tabs on the performance of the modem. It has other functions too. You may get insight into the speed and health of cable connection s radio spectrum.

If the quality of your home network is good, the modem performs well. Due to this fact, the slower system may not be able to benefit from the Power of your modem. If the network is connected to many devices, it will require more bandwidth. It will make the system slower.

Gaming boost

If you are a game lover, you will require setting up the gaming network with Ethernet ports. You will find facilitation. If you connect your device to an internet modem, you will get high speed. There is a zero-lag along with amazing graphics and image quality. For a competitive gamer, this modem is excellent.

Image quality

SB8200 is compatible with HD and UHD content. With it, you can streamline all the HD content s your need. Now we go to the pros and cons.


  • Compact design
  • Easy to set up
  • Two LAN network with two GB ports.
  • Link aggregation made simple
  • DOCSIS 3.1 technology
  • Ideal or gaming due to low lag

· Supports HD and 4K content

· A well-known modem that most of the internet services use

· Spectrum analyzer to get an insight, not quality.


  • Not work with century link and version
  • No wifi compatibility
  • No bundle voice services
  • It gets warm soon.
  • Expensive modem

Final verdict

It is the most advanced modem today, and with it, you see the future of data on the cable. With time it accumulates more features. You will really enjoy ARRIS SB8200 due to its quality features.

It provides you high-speed internet connectivity with no dropping of signals. With this modem, you may use every bit of the bandwidth that you have paid for.

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