Amd Ryzen 9 3950x Unlocked Desktop Processor Review


This year, AMD launched an innovative 7nm offensive in the CPU market. In my view, AMD Ryzen 9 3950X is a motivating enthusiast CPU that the AMD has launched in its history. For gamers, it is the top-performing CPU. What do you expect from AMD or an encore? There are more cores and threads. There is potentially increased clock speed. I bought Ryzen 9 3950X for testing purposes, and I was impressed by its performance in some core areas. In some respects, we may not call it ideal.

Now we start with its performance. The performance has different bases. There is a content creation realm. It comes with 33 percent extra cores as compared to 3900X with similar clock speed. You will find it 25 to 30 percent faster. If you are opting for video editing, 3d rendering, or any other thing, you may perform with its 32 thread processor, and it will be fantastic for you. Some functions may not be done on 16 cores; you may get it done with a cheaper part. The CPU performs well, and the modern-day HEDT processors are working since RYZEN 3000 comes to the market. Though 3950X is considerably a consumer CPU. It may be compatible with the same socket AM4 motherboards as other Ryzen CPUs though it may be a bit expensive. You may find it the best HEDT CPU socket.

The AMD, s contemporary lineup of the Ryzen 3000 processor is fantastic. If you are gaming-centric, it may not be the best choice for you. There is a small difference concerning gaming performance between the reputed and cheaper Ryzen 5 3600 and the more costly Ryzen 9 3900X. The price of Ryzen 9 3950X is 50% higher than 3900X. It may not be a good deal with its 33 percent extra cores. Like its significant competitors Intel K and X series, there is no more cooling in the box. The AMD suggest you to use liquid cooling to get more performance from 3950X. It has some additional charges with the base price.

I was a bit surprised by this recommendation about why t is essential to opt for liquid cooling. So I got is tested. I ran it with both a wraith prism cooler and a capable NZXT Kraken X62. You will be wondering t find much trivial difference in performance between the two with the stock setting.X62 decreased the maximum temperature to 10 to 15 percent. It depends on the workload. Both were a bit faster.

The Ryzen 3950X has the same settings as with the Ryzen 300 and Zen 2 built as a nominated third-generation CPUs. Along with some modifications in the ongoing architecture design, the double chiplet strategy from the threadripper series is applied by AMD. There are two eight-core chipsets in the box for both The 3900X and 3950X. All the x series models use a single eight-core chipset.

It is better to mention that the package includes a clod that retains the memory controllers and other utilities. These memory controllers are connected to one or two CCDs through AMD, s infinity fabric. The fabrication of the clod is done on 12nm technology, but it need not be on 7nm right now. The critical point is that it offers considerably uniform memory access latencies to CCDs. It means you should not be imposed any latency penalties with the 12 and 16 ore models if we come it to 6 and 8 core offers.

It all goes well and excellent before making a decision. I would like to mention another factor related to AMD’s Ryzen CPUs. It is an element of motherboard firmware. AMD offers a package of logic functions that may be termed as AGESA. This is a microcode the deals with memory features, infinity fabric instructions, and much more. There were some teething issues with the first CPU in 2017 when it was introduced. These issues were solved by doing BIOS upgrades that also included AGESA code.

To write this review I got AGESA firmware from AMD. It is needed to run the Ryzen 9 3950 X. if we change the firmware, there will inevitably be an effect on the performance of other functional parts. Now the test outcomes are specifically related to a single motherboard. There is a relatively sour performance in some benchmarks, and I did not hope so.

I may say it with surety that the AGESA upgrades or just an MSI implementation of this version may have an adverse and negative effect on performance. There have been many changes in drivers and game upgrades with the last test I did for Ryzen CPU.

 Non Gaming tasks performance

The AMD Ryzen 2950X comes with excellent performance related to non-gaming tasks. Along with it, we may not term gaming performance as inadequate. My present views are graded somewhat worse than 3900X and 3700X, and it is related to 3600X and 3600, but is not sensible. We consider that it is contrary to equal and higher clock speeds than those elements, including cores.

It is not that gamer should think about using 3950X. It is not much expensive to build a CPU, but is I more than a game friendly RTX 2080 super that is vital for gaming purposes. You may not find a task where 3900X and 3700X are not capable, and you need a 3950X. For multithreaded tasks, you will find it faster. If you are a content developer, it is excellent for you. You may not need it for jobs other than professional work.

You may have a look at the test I conducted, but it is similar to Ryzen 3000. The main difference is the KRAKEN X62 liquid cooler that is sent with the package because it doesn’t suggest air conditioning. I filled Adata’s new XPG Battle cruiser case with all the stuff. When there was a test with DDR4-3200 CL14 memory and DDR4-3600 CL16 memory, in this test, cl114 was better in performance. You may manually adjust memory timing to get improved performance, but I am offering a realistic view of out of the box performance.

So far as overlooking is concerned, it may be an afterthought for the 3950X. You may perform 4.1-4.3GHz on accumulative 16 cores with its right cooling system and luck for you from silicon lottery. Went we consider stocks, there is a 3900 to 4000 MHz range for all core clock speeds. It depends on workload, and three will be in common cases run at 4200 to 4300 MHz if we enable precision boost overdrive, it may increase a bit well. Here I am viewing it with some other motherboards.

Ryzen 9 3950X gaming functionality

We may not term it as a gaming CPU even though gamers use it for gaming purposes. I know only one game that demonstrates scaling beyond eight-core CPUs. It is the ashes of singularity. Is reason is that the game is developed purposefully to put more load on the CPU with higher quality settings. In some other games, the 8-core/8-thread i7-9700K is as speedier as i9. It sometimes beats the other models with a partitioning of resources that higher threading comes with.

It has more cores and threads, but the top is the same as it is with 3900X. The average clock speeds may be lesser in some workloads, and the AGESA upgrades may also cause a reduction in performance as they tend to improve the stability according to my experience. It is the starting point of charts that show the functionality of 3950X as compared to other third-generation Ryzen updates.

You may run all the gaming benchmark multiple times. You may use the best outcomes to ensure that there is consistent performance. I generally use an RTX 2080 Ti and run at 1080p ultra to provide insight into the performance. If you are surprised about the performance at 1440p or 4K, you may find it. It is a fact that with higher resolution, the CPU becomes lesser critical. Wit slower graphic cards, your CPU are not a factor.

We may calculate the average fps for the lower three percent frame times. You need to calculate the 97 percentile frame time and add the entire frame times above that and then divide it by several frames. In this way, you may find a metric than pure minimum fps.

You may find his reason of perplexity with the gaming functionality of 3950X. We may not see it fearsome by any metric. We may not get any cause to find it behind the 3700X and 3900X. We may know that clock speeds are ok during the testing. It comes with more than twice of existing cores.

Are you confused by games that come with so many cores and threads in the market? It is not the first time that you have too many cores. In fact, games are going to schedule work in less than optimal fashion, but what is the reason with 3900X. That is the reason for my confusion.

Should you be concerned about AGESA or driver upgrades or eve game patches?

Does it need to reset everything? Have you enough time to do it all with every new CPU lunch? At some point, I shall share all the charts when there are no black Friday events.

You may have a good gaming experience, but you may not have extraordinary outcomes. We may term it a four-way tie between different Ryzen parts and the big difference is 10 percent from 3600 to 3900X. The Intel is 11 percent at a faster pace, and the other edition is 14 percent.

Ryzen 9 3950X performance for applications

It is highlighted before that the fundamental purpose of 3950X does not target gaming. So its performance in games is not precise. It runs the games, but its essential feature s complicated tasks that deal with core and thread count. The clock speeds count much lesser. So we must review it for different applications. Here is the part of the review about its performance for applications.

If we compare it with 3900X, the 3950X is 33 percent more speedy if we run it door heavy threaded workloads. Summarily, if we test it for multithread, it is only 17 percent ahead. It is due to AES performance that is lower astonishingly. The y-cruncher goes well with AVX512 capabilities of Intel’s functions. The 3900X excels 9900K and other versions. The 3950X has well ached about 44 percent than 9900k if we consider all the metrics. It is 38 percent above 9900ks. It is not much surprising if we think cores and threads.

Now we compare it with 18-core/36-thread i9-9980XE and test its performance. The Ryzen is well ahead in overall multithreaded performance, but we may not term it a clean sweep. I found it 12 percent faster when I got aggregate multithread performance results, and 3950 x claims victory in Cinebench, POV-Ray, Blender, and Handbrake. In PCMark outcomes, it also runs ahead of others. It may not be quite multithreaded relevant software. It uses considerably lesser power to do so. The measurement was done a bit more than 300W compared to 240W, which is consumed with 3950X.

Intel has insight that it lags behind concerning core and lithography war. Due to this fact, it is introducing s revised version in the near future. It may become faster than its previous version. It may not be a higher power use because it is the same 14nm++ Sky Lake-X architecture. If you want even more performance, there are more models there in the market. Moreover, the only feature with this erosion is that it is priced half than 3950X.

The AMD is going to introduce a third-generation threadripper soon. If we look into platform and some design modifications, I don’t see that Intel may have a chance to beat threadripper with reset to multithreaded tasks.

Ryzen 9 3950X is a multithreaded powerhouse

It is a fact that AMD does not sell cheaper processors. In the FX era, some years ago, AMD had all on the CPU side, but today AMD offers more competitive and leading CPU parts, so the prices indeed went up. Now the Intel is filling the space by reducing the costs of its older versions to stay relevant to market demands.

Now I again reiterate this undeniable fact that Ryzen 9 3950X is not developed for gaming. The game lovers may not be able to justify using a cheaper processor along with an expensive chip. You need a cheaper CPU and expensive graphic card for this purpose. 

It will make your games run excellent. You need not a costly CPU and a more inexpensive graphic card. If you want to spend more money on an up, you will go for 3950X and 3900X.

If you are related to the encoding of video content along with gaming, and you like t go for a single pc for both, you should choose 3950X AS IT IS RIGHT Choice for the purpose. I would also like to suggest that a second modesty pc with encoding and capture will be the top choice. You may also go for NVENC GPU supported encoding. It may look better than a fast CPU encoding and will affect the performance.

In the presume spec, the AMD’s Ryzen 9 3950X may go well. You may purchase a cheaper workstation if you are performing some pressing tasks but cannot buy an expensive CPU due to financial constraints. In this way, you will get top-level performance with 3950X and may save some money. You will find it a more performing CPU above both workstation ad HEDT parts because the things go smooth with AM4.

AMD during the last three years has done a lot to make CPU space enjoyable. It is quite the opposite of the offerings of bulldozer versions of FX. It gives you excellent performance, excellent value for your money, more efficiency, and many times more core the rival Intel is offering traditionally. Now the Intel’s well behind in delivering four core 8thread desktop CPUs. It is a feature of Intel during the last few years. Only Ryzen has some to bring about a change. Now in a few years, there are eight core and 16 core processors in the market.

If you are looking for HEDT, there are 32 core AMD chips to give you ease. It seems that things are not going to stop here. Now the AMD is a big name in the CPU market. In the future, it appears that Intel may also adapt the chipset plans for future products. If the AMD had tried to bring all functionalities and features in a product, 3950X would have been much expensive.

Now, what should we do? I cannot say with surety. There is a slowdown of lithography developments. In this scenario, TSMC’s 7nm may be in the ruing position for a few years. After it, there may be a shift to 5nm. It means there are two years for Intel 7nm. The scaling of clock speeds is not scaling much.amd is still going to bring more ores into its CPUs. I may hope that there may be more multithread apps in the future. But as of today, the 3950 is going ahead of its rivals in the CPU market.

We may hit a plateau thinking of CPU power that we require, and it is not a bad thing to search for innovations.

Still, for a few years, most of us may not need 16 core processors at home. The people are again doing most of their work on laptops. We may type our words and articles on laptops and also do lower image editing. But when you are performing complex tasks, you need a top-quality 3950X. So you need to consider its purchase.

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