Amd Ryzen 9 3900x Unlocked Desktop Processor Review


Do you want a top-quality desktop processor? Do you want a CPU that is equally performing well for game lovers and content developers? Here is the innovative and top-end mainstream CPU: Ryzen 9 3900X Unlocked Desktop Processor. It has extra power in silicon form. It is this generation, with 12-core based on the AM4 platform and socket, as are the earlier models of Ryzen processor.

The consumer love and prefer the Ryzen brand due to its efficiency, simple over locking, and budget-friendly prices. Although the brand is newer in the business, it is first to have Ryzens9 moniker with a trend of Ryzen 3000 CPUs that are compatible with Zen 2 microprocessor architecture. It is the beginning point of AMD, s consumer CPUs. It has the same core feature that the first and second-generation Ryzen CPUs have. The pc building enthusiast and upgrades vehemently opt for this CPU. It competes with the high-quality Intel processors concerning core and thread. The editors value this superb processor. It has some distinct features that other CPUs do not come with.

Core and thread features

It comes with a massive core count that makes it the best CPU processor. You may hardly find a 12 core CPU like this one in the consumer’s pc world. Before introducing Ryzen 9 3900X, you needed to set up AMD’s Ryzen Thread ripper line or Intel’s Core X-Series to get the core count similar to this model. There are only six to eight-core chips in most of the top-performing CPUs. If you want to get all the benefits from the Ryzen 9 3900X’s features, you should run the latest systems capable of running on a variety of CPUs s they can. They may be content creators, app including videos, and image editors. These apps may be gaming apps also.

As it is the feature of the Ryzen 9 3900X to support multithreading, you can perform two computing functions at a time on each processor core with the 24 threads of calculating strength that is its limit. It is similar to the specifications of 12 heart, 24 thread other AMD Ryzen version. The elite AMD thread ripper may be suitable for content developers and other professionals related to creating art. It comes with more cores and threads considerably than the previous versions o Ryzen flagship software. The chip also comes with more strands and core as compared to its rival contemporary systems. This system may include top quality Intel versions. Here are some of the fantastic features that make it differentiated from other Ryzen models.

As it is the feature of its previous Ryzen model, Ryzen 9 3900X also provides you a core and thread count. Infect both chips come with a similar MSRP. The Intel model comes with eight cores and 16 threads. The deficiency is made up of clock speed to some extent. The Core i9 model has a rate of 3.6GHz, and the clock offers a boost of 5 GHz. And the Ryzen has a base of 3.8 GHz and the clock boot of 4.6 GHz. You may go for a server lock for both chips. The K series is unlocked already wile all Ryzen versions are unlocked.

If we consider all the comparisons made above, it is clear that the consumer CPU market has overwhelming competition, before and after the introduction of Ryzen chips in 2017. If we are to choose between Intel and AMD, there are some different subtle features, and all is the same. But it goes without seeing that you are always in demand to keep numbers threads and cores at your command. Here comes the Ryzen to show its performance.

Evolution of processor build

Now w assess two chips, and The Ryzen 9 3900X is first in consideration. It benefits from AMD’s Zen 2 micro architecture, and the other version is the AMD Ryzen 7 3700X. Zen 2 brings 12 cores for you. The basic version of Zen architecture came with a maximum of 8 cores. So far as chips on Zen 2 micro architecture are concerned, they feature the debut of tiny seven-nanometer process node. 12 nm nodes built up the Zen silicon. If we consider Intel consumer chips, they are created on 14nm or 12 num nodes.

The reduction of node size is necessary for the improvement of chips’ energy efficiency. You may not substantially boost the clock speed with it, however. The base of the clock in The Ryzen 9 3900X’s is considerably lower than the Ryzen 7 2700X’s. In this way, the maximum limit of the chip was AM4 chip before the contemporary models come to market.

Other features increase the feel of the Ryzen 9 3900X’. There is efficiency, more cores, and behind the scene improvements. There are hardware modifications such as the bandwidth of the bus that is beneficial for the intercommunication of different CPU parts. It is a feature that is called infinity fabric by AMD.

Some are other innovations that are related to windows operating system compatibility for Ryzen. It may include interchangeability between clocks and some other modifications. It takes almost 30ms to perform clock state changes. In Zen 2, it takes 2 ms, as is claimed by AMD. Directly talking improvement is like changing gears more quickly in a transmission. For maximum benefits, you must install windows 1o may update version 1903. There are more details on excellent point’s o Zen 2 build that you may check out on different sites.

An innovated express lane

If we take a keen look at the latest Ryzen versions, more additions may come to light. It is compatible with fourth-generation PCI express standard to connect peripherals and extra cards. Moreover, there is an improvement in memory speed and latency that supports the functionality of specific graphic-intensive games.

With the help of a brand new AMD chipset, the system gets support for innovated PCI express generation It may be termed as the firth mainstream pc compatible platform that is compatible with pie 4.0. The advantages of cite include increased bandwidth for video cards and storage elements like side.

Storage improvement is a new benefit. You may soon see the PCI Express 4.0 M.2 SSDs that may resemble some great products like ADATA, Corsair, Gigabyte, and others. It will offer more increased speed functionality that may be more than an approximate 3,500MBps ceiling of PCIe Gen 3. If you want to make a new system from the beginning choosing Ryzen 9 3900X as the base, you will need to select a new X570 supportive motherboard to get the maximum advances of more speeds in the coming years.

There was a test of Ryzen for MSI’s MEG X570 Godlike motherboard. This motherboard has its own preinstalled fan over the chipset to give extra cooling. It is not a common feature of most of the high-end gaming motherboards, though, but it is found in almost all X570 models. It takes extra watts to run this chipset to get extra cool. It may also run n with most of the AM4 based motherboards. If you want to upgrade your CPU in the Ryzen based pc, you don’t need anything extra. All the older AMD am4 chips and boards may run Ryzen 3000 CPUs. For a more former board, you will need a BIOs upgrade. It should be noted that pre-x570 motherboards may not support PCIe 4.0 with them.

Third generation Ryzen chips, along with other advantages, also supports faster memory and caches. They have more substantial space hand previous generations. If you have a compatible ram, the mind may run at 3600 MHz the game cache may stand at 70MB of L3 cache in the Ryzen 9 3900X. This system may solve memory issues much faster. This feature is specifically beneficial for gamers, as some games may not let CPU to access memory. It is apparent when CPU resolution is below 4 k. the previous version of chips may not be efficient for this purpose due to a specific resolution and card combinations. 

Other advantages of Ryzen

Is it the feature of its past high-end Ryzen chips, there is a high-quality wraith cooling fan with the package of Ryzen 9 3900X. If wraith prism is more refreshing than average, it will bring out a nifty ring of RGB lights that support the chroma lighting system from a razor. In this way, you may sync led effects with the other razor chroma systems, including keyboard and mouse. If you don’t have chroma, you may get rainbow effects. If you want to overlook Ryzen 9, you need a liquid cooler.

The Ryzen will require the Ryzen master window app if there is a need for a quick setting and modifications. T may be done without losing your pc ad bios. It is a fantastic future, among others. With Ryzen master, you may look at the current situation of your pc and see which core highlight is performing the best. This is an excellent feature that hells the over lockers to boost the speed of individual cores. They may do it in a better way with Ryzen master.

Intel also offers such features with its systems such as Extreme tuning utility, but in my view, the visual design of Ryzen master is performing. AMD upgraded the app to version 2.0 that is compatible with Ryzen 3000 series third-generation CPU release. There are some differences such as refurbished dashboard layout and its capability to switch among default, automatic over lock features, and manual modes without a restart of pc.

Along with the Ryzen 9 3900X, there are four different versions of third-generation Ryzen chips that are put on sale simultaneously. These are the eight-core Ryzen 7 3800X and Ryzen 7 3700X. There are six core six-core Ryzen 5 3600X and Ryzen 5 3600 also in the market.

All these chips are unlocked for overlooking, but you may need to adjust clock speed manually, or you need to do it with presets of AMD. It comes with three years standard warranty. There is so a new version in the offing. It will be on the market.

Getting an evaluation

Along with the MSI X570 motherboard, we tested it for benchmarking the Ryzen 9 3900 x with 16GB of G. Skill DDR4-3600 memory, a Corsair MP600 PCI Express Gen 4 SSD boot drive. There was a different system tested to handle video output during CPU tests. As it was with earlier Ryzen chips that did not end with G, the new zn2 bases chips did not come with on-chip video graphics, so you need a video card for this purpose. During the test we ran it with 3600 MHz speed, along with a godlike board supported XMP profile.

During these tests, the AMD’s in-box Wraith Prism cooler. It is durable and may deal with the heat released from the Ryzen 9 3900X at stock settings. When the temperature is at 105 watts, the chip’s thermal design power system is nominally higher than 95-watt TDP of its rival Intel core but is considerably lesser than that of a 12 core CPU. The lowest end of Ryzen thread ripper in comparison has a huge 180 watt top for the same quantity of core, and it has a higher die. 

Different CPUs are evaluated with varying types of synthetic benchmarks that give yu proprietary scores along with real-word tests with consumer CPU such as Apple iTunes and 3 d games, including cry5. If the CPU is 105 watt, the Ryzen 9 3900X offers the best performance. It is an unusual f test that benefits from its12 processing cores and 24 threads. If you have a system over single-core systems, it shows Ryzen 9 power. 

Cinebench R15

The masons Cinebench R15 is a synthetic benchmark that provides an excellent look of performance on different types of consumer apps. This test gives you and gauges both the single-core functionality and the multicourse working of a processor. The outcome of tests is a proprietary number that gives you an insight into CPU’s ability while you render a complicated 3d image.

The core of cinecnch all core tests slightly lower than 3000. It shows that the Ryzen 9 3900X excels the core i9, and the Ryzen thread ripper is the best value or money. It becomes more impressive and prominent when we consider that 2950X is a more expensive chip if we use it on the valuable AMD X399 platform with 16 cores.

There is also a performance difference between the Ryzen 9 3900X and Intel core attest versions. If you are motivated by the core X series chips, but it is our time higher price. Cinebench test performance is reliable though it not impressive.

POV-Ray 3.7 performance

There is another test that is PROV- RAY test. It is a highly threaded rendering test that may provide you another positive opinion on Cinebench results. We find the high performance of Ryzen 9 3900 x on this multicourse test. It records 16-second advantage over core i9 though it is somewhat a bit behind the single core.

Many sophisticated apps are developed to be compatible with multiple cores and threads; if you depend on legacy software, the single-core performance is essential.

ITunes 10.6 performance

We tested the real world single-core performance, on the older version of Apple iTunes to encode some music tracks. The apple, as you know, has announced its extinction of iTunes, so it is legacy software. It is single-threaded software, so the piling on a lot of cores and threads may not work better.

On this test, the Intel chips went ahead of their Ryzen chips. But the third-generation Ryzen chips offered better performance than the previous versions. They are even better than Thread ripper 2950X. When parallel Intel chips are tested on a single core they are right.

Handbrake & Blender assessment

A lot of game lovers who spend a hefty amount for a gaming CPU may need it for more than just frag fests. If you need to run some performing apps that may be compatible for the Ryzen 9 3900X’s cores and 

You should see the outcomes of the handbrake and blender encoding evaluation that we conducted. They may be workstation-class benchmarks, including POV-Ray above.

We tested the Ryzen 9 3900X for just four minutes and twenty seconds to encode a 12 minute 4 k video to 1080p. It excels all the versions except thread ripper 2950X. It shows its functionality and value for money, understandable, and straightforward.

When we take blenders, the same thing happens; it is a reputed open-source 3D rendering app that crafts 3D visual effects, animations, and models. We tested it with cartoonish flying squirrel render, and it took no much time to accomplish the task with the help of modern processors.

7-zip compatibility

With The Ryzen 9 3900X, you may also compress your files. It works like thread ripper 2950X and gives more performance than Core i9 as we tested it on our 7-zip benchmark. The test is capable of working with all the threads that it may get.

Top performance in games

As far as gaming is concerned, this software is the need of both intent creators who depend on multithreaded software and those who want to assemble a tricked out gaming desktop. It is best for both categories. For testing purposes, we played a variety of games, including older and modern games. Its objective was to test frame rates that we may hope for. There was also a 3DMark Fire Strike Ultra test. It is a simulation that lessens the visual performance of any chip. The 2D mark score report is satisfactory, but it is different from frames per second on the benchmarks in individual games.

To conduct these tests of the graphic card part, we took Nvidia RTX 2080 instead of 1080 of the same model. The goal was to bring out maximum performance at an extreme level. If there is the case of 4 numbers, the graphic card is the liter. If it is 1080 p, the CPU shows more functionality. The memory limit was 3600 MHz for Ryzen9 and 3400 MHz for the core i9. We tested both versions with different software.

The outcome is astonishing at 1080p resolution. At 4k, the software’s performance was identical. It is when the game is considerably is depending on the video card.

As it was running on recently graded excellent Far Cry5, the Ryzen 9 3900 software was outstanding, scoring 18 frames per second that is lower than core i9. There is a difference of 13 percent. There were deficits in older games, including bios, hock infinite, and hetman. The Ryzen 9 3900X excels. It’s all competitors in performance.

During the games play, you will see some perceptible differences except in edge cases. It is a fact that if you run it on less demanding sports games. Those competitive esports games are highly rated by gamers. It is a fact that Ryzen provides you with a virtually identical gaming experience that is predecessors do. On this front, no 

Now, no subset of games is enough to establish anything. In this scenario, you will understand there are a lot of games and videos combination that is there. In this age of elite RTX 2080 Ti video card that works on top quality mainstream CPU, the games in the third generation of Ryzen look well-performing than the previous two generation systems. On some gaming titles that are lead at 1080 resolution, the Ryzen 9 provides excellent performance on some frames per second, if we take it on percentage base. It is not behind its competitor anyway. It is offering you excellent performance.

The difference is apparent only if you run some competitive games and strive to eke out every last frame for your pcs. Competitive gamers may spend enough money to buy new cores and threads. If you are a casual gamer, who goes for 4k eye candy, the capabilities of graphic card matter than the capacity of CPU?

Over locking features

In these evaluations, indeed, I did not dig deep into over locking the Ryzen 9 3900X. I conduct some tests on the wraith spire cooler. Here I brought the new version of Ryzen to work.

I used the Precision Boost Overdrive feature in Ryzen Master; it gets access to modest improvements in all cores Cinebench score to 3076 with a 3 percent gain over our initial outcome that I got in its default settings. The automatic system of Precision Boost Overdrive modified the voltage and clock speed. It gave the necessary power from CPU as the system thought essential but without a crash.

The CPU cooler plays an impotent role in this respect, and I took the stock cooler to work. There is a little performance inference within the error margin, and we epact it. We got this improvement through the click of a button.

If there is top quality and aggressive liquid cooler with you and you have enough time to modify the clock speed of memory and each core on your own, you may get better outcomes of your venture. You should keep in mind that it does not go well with everyone—the level of tinkering. I love the automatic features of AMD that provide a small extra boost. And it should be noted that when you are doing over locking adjustments, the use of Precision Boost Overdrive may hurt warranty. So there needs to be cautious.

The CPU is excellent

If you want to power your high-end gaming and content developing, you will find The AMD Ryzen 9 3900X, making a top value choice for your pc. Its differentiated achievement is its strength to provide you a comparable functionality t lo quality Ryzen thread ripper chips with consumption of reduced power, and so it does not goes heavy on your pocket. It goes ahead of its main rival, the Intel, in many multithreaded computing tasks due to its top-level core and thread count.

If you run older CPU on single-core computers and rely on its functionality, perhaps you did need or may be in want of low CPU like this. It excels in the Intel silicon if you are running with a single core. But if you are looking for a considerable, then the gaming performance over 1080p may show what you win and what you lose. If you pair it with GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, you will find the Ryzen have an edge?

Now a bit about edge cases! This chip may become a rival to core i9 and lower power CPUs in the AMD, s thread ripper, and Intel. Most users take this different light, but a keen look may elaborate on the differences. Ryzen is delivering big time for its consumers.

Choose Ryzen becomes apparent when you can leverage the extra cores for bucks. If you are a gamer, you may choose the high level and power-efficient Ryzen if you are not looking for 12 cores for some extra tasks. It will give you an amazing and near undistinguished gaming performance. Moreover, you may select the new Ryzen 5 CPUs if you want it for a pure gaming need.

When you go for a deal, you should not compromise on the Ryazan’s cutting-edge features like PCIe 4.0 support and niceties. Its slick, and other culling fan and hidden capabilities with previous chipset generations are extraordinary. If you are building your pc from the beginning, you may be attracted by leading-edge features and the in-box cooler. 

With it, you get a top-performing system and a reassuring level of future-proofing. As a power chip, the Ryzen 9 3900X has no one to compete it. If you want to assess the power of this powerful software, you should not go here and there. Just buy the Ryzen 9 3900X. It is the recommendation of top gamers and content developers.

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